Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Don’t squat over Yellowstone toilets


Not all people in the world use toilets the way we do here in America.

Although most European toilets these days are similar to what we have here in the USA, a few are still just a hole about five inches wide over which the person squats. In parts of Asia, squatting toilets are still common.

In this restroom in a Yellowstone National Park campground, a sign above both the women and men’s toilets shows the right way to use it.

Experts on toilet use will tell you that from a biological and health perspective, squatting is better and more efficient than sitting.

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Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

I can tell you with authority that some rest stops can ONLY be used ‘healthily’ (new word?) by squatting over them. Some are SO bad I’d rather go a few miles down the road, go a few feet into the trees, and take care of, um, business there.

5 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

As we traveled through Ontario, Canada a few days ago, I encountered the dirtiest restroom ever. I’ve been to many throughout our travels. The 401 is a busy highway with only a few rest stops, this particular one near the Woodstock exchange. It was SO filthy that it created conversations with other travelers. Along the 401, a private wooded area to pull up to is impossible to find. Managers of public rest stops, if you are short-staffed, then perhaps you might clean these germ bins yourselves. Unfortunately, we weren’t traveling in our RV, our SUV was our mode for that trip. So public restrooms were our only option.

Bill Semion
5 years ago

Re: Buffalo, WY. My voice for eclipse-watching would be somewhere on Hwy. 16 in the Big Horns, at a campground, or perhaps at the summit of the pass leading to Tensleep. Ok, I’ll tell you it’s according to legend, so-named because it was 10 sleeps from the Black Hills for the original inhabitants. But, I’m sure all the spots are taken already! Me? I’ll be in No. Michigan, and will glance at my shadow every so often. If you are near Mackinaw City, head to the Headlands Dark Sky Park near there, where there is a solar telescope. Get in line.

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