Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Downsizing, and the best of 2022

For weeks in the spring of 2022, I fought the RV bull market at its apex—the wrong time to buy.

I had sold my Class A coach and was determined to downsize. After months of research, I settled on a travel trailer brand, only to find that I couldn’t buy one in the overheated RV market. I spent days talking with dealers all across the country who were short on stock and high on price. Price negotiations? Forget about it.

I felt forced to abandon the new RV market and decided to look at a very short list of used travel trailers. There appeared to be nothing available from that list within 500–1,000 miles. As depression and thoughts of giving up intruded upon my search, I was amazed and thrilled to find my perfect small travel trailer advertised by a seller less than three miles away! The seller was up-sizing to a bigger trailer, just as I was downsizing. The lightly-used and well-maintained trailer was a perfect size, and the price was right. Within 24 hours, the little house was rolling smoothly down the road!

You can read about my first attempt at full-timing this year here.


Randall Brink
Randall Brink
Randall Brink is an author hailing from Idaho. He has written many fiction and non-fiction books, including the critically acclaimed Lost Star: The Search for Amelia Earhart. He is the screenwriter for the new Grizzly Adams television series and the feature film Goldfield. Randall Brink has a diverse background not only as a book author, Hollywood screenwriter and script doctor, but also as an airline captain, chief executive, and Alaska bush pilot.



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UpriverJouce (@guest_216676)
11 months ago

What is “bull” talking about?…Maybe too much new-years cheer?
Everyone, Hope this new year is swell for all of us!

Jim G. (@guest_216666)
11 months ago

The Casita Travel Trailer is a great choice.

bull (@guest_216655)
11 months ago

My personal opinion is that there is going to be a LOT OF RANDALL’S over the next 1-5 years. No just for campers either. Homes, trucks, cars, campers, McMansions and more will all continue the trend towards SMALLER.

Big ain’t Better!

With a couple of MILLION MORE DEAD Baby Boomer’s at that time with more on the way each and every day going, going GONE the market that has been built over the last 4 decades to service the Boomer’s every want, need and desire will continue to change to the new reality which is smaller with better design, better construction technics and new materials meet the new demands of a different society!

Last edited 11 months ago by bull

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