Drunken online shopping a billion dollar industry


The Seattle Times reported today, April 5, that drunken online shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry. In Washington, residents spend an estimated average of $400-$499 every year shopping online while inebriated,” the Times reported, right about the national average of $450.


The newspaper reported that items ordered were not always what the person would have bought if sober.

Amazon is the preferred platform for buzzed buyers, used by a whopping 85 percent of them. The runners-up are eBay, with 21 percent of the tipsy market share, and Etsy, with 12 percent, according to Statista.

States with the highest spenders per tipsy buyer were Kentucky and Connecticut.

The Times reported that other tipsy shopping comes from prescription drugs. Seattle resident Anne Thayer was under the influence of Ambien one night and ended up buying 32 bags of roasted-chicken-flavored potato chips on Amazon.

Read the full article here.

What about you? Have you ever purchased something online while tipsy that you later regretted buying?

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Diane M

I’ve never been inebriated, thank God.


How would they know your are inebriated? Poor conclusions from assumptions made here without verifiable proof.


Never ordered anything while buzzed, but I have noticed my clenched wallet get a little looser at 4AM… impaired skepticism infomercials supposedly used to exploit. Sleep deprivation closely resembles inebriation in many areas…