Dunedocking — RVing in sand!


By Dave Helgeson

Sand dunes exist throughout the western states and offer great camping opportunities for boondocking. While most of us associate sand dunes with the ocean, there are extensive inland sand dunes located throughout the west.

dunedockingMany of these inland dunes are administered by the boondocking-friendly Bureau of Land Management. Others may be controlled by state Department of Natural Resource offices or a similar government agency. The majority of these dunes permit free camping and the use of off road vehicles. Not only can you to boondock, catch some rays and run your toes through the sand, but you can take your motorized toys out and provide them a little exercise too. With the off road crowd being weekend warriors, you will typically have the dunes all to yourself during the week.

By clicking on https://duneguide.com/ you will find a listing of sand dunes in all 11 western states with the exception of Montana. [Click on the Sand Dunes tab at the upper left of the page.] There are also a few Midwest states listed too. A couple of the sand dunes listed are located on the coast but they are the exception rather than the rule. While the website is designed to serve the off road community, boondockers will find it a useful reference tool for finding campsites. Listings on the site include the location of the dunes, driving directions, if dispersed camping is allowed, fees (seldom any), allowable length of stay, facilities (if any) and much more.