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E.coli outbreak sickens campers at Minnesota campground

Shades of Sherwood Campground

Campers at a campground in Zumbrota, Minnesota, became unexpectedly sick after staying at the campground, reports the Lacrosse Tribune. Minnesota health officials say they’ve now identified at least 72 people who have gotten sick with a waterborne illness in an outbreak at the campground.

The Department of Health is working with the owner of Shades of Sherwood Campground to prevent additional illnesses caused by cryptosporidium and E.coli. Health officials say people who got sick used the swimming pool at the campground, which was closed and then hyper-chlorinated. A man-made water pond was also closed to swimming.

The first illness was reported July 1 and the most recent case was Aug. 3. Those who became sick had flu-like symptoms for at least three days.



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Bill Rabe
4 years ago

Mr. Snell ! I’m sure Mike at Shades has a little different take on the story. that in its self does not make it the whole truth. He most likely is facing some liability & the truth may be shaded in his story.

Sharon B
4 years ago

I may be a nurd but I don’t like public pools.

4 years ago

One needs to factor in there are several causes of water born illness.

when we travel, we bring our big berkey, it is the smallest stainless can they make, we use this for all cooking and drinking. We do not use berkey filters, we use Aquarain, which has the smallest pore size avail for cermic filters at .3 micron.

we then have 4 in line grow filters we run 2 concurrent at the hookup and 2 at the coachside.

After that, we have a 12000 Ga water softener system to protect our lines from any sedement that make it past the in line filters.

Water, whether it is used for swimming or cooking, is an absolute cesspool of microbes. people have been getting sick for decades due to water borne illnesses, some of the most effective population death rates have come from water illnesses.

just because we live in the 21st century does not change that. In fact IMO its actually worst now because of the new age runoff toxins ect from mining and factories they didnt have decades ago.

I had a friend die 2 summers ago from drinking water in texas. she contracted some kind of water born illness from the tap, and she had a weak imune system already, and in two weeks she was dead. she was 44, and was a full timer. they were traveling in brownsville texas, they had just got done doing 6 months on south padre.

I told her before she left for full timing what all she would need to be full time(she decided to become a fulltimer with no research or consideration within about 2 months time in march 2015-she died in june 2016 ), water was # 1 and sewer # 2 power # 3. all the rest after.

she and her husband called me an “alarmist” for even suggesting they filter their water she said no one does that why should they spend the money to make sure their water is filtered and that it is someone elses responsibility to make sure the water is filtered.

she also saw no need to do any research into her coach(which started to fall apart after just 6 months of use(brand new keystone) ) and said why in gods name would she ever need to worry about power quality at the pedestal. That was also someone elses responsibility.

I expected she would not know these things as a newbi, however i didnt expect that she would be willfully ignorant on top of being new.

what i do know is that she saw things this way because i think there is a perception in the way people live that they think everything is just automatically safe just because we as a society are viewed as so advanced ect.. that obviously our water is also advanced, when in reality it has just the same issues as people millenia ago had.

one should just assume
water in your tap is contaminated and must be filtered

water in your lakes and rivers have increasing levels of brain eating bacteria showing up and other issues, swim at your own risk

water in a water park is a petry dish of microbes
that ALOT of people are sharing. swim at your own risk.

and one is completely responsible for how they themselves approach and use said public water sources and to what extent they practice prevention.

A park is only required to do the minimum by law, which they do, but they cant forsee the future, they cant forsee what the weather will bring , humidity, bacteria growth ect.. that cant be seen or forseen, and these conditions make changes that cause these sorts of things, and while most people are not affected, one could be and one needs to assess their own level of responsibility and decide on their own risk factors before moving forward with public water sources.

4 years ago
Reply to  sally

Your story is heartbreaking. You did your best to inform them. We continue to pass this type of information to others as well.

4 years ago
Reply to  Badwolfe

Good link. The comments below the read suggest that the public water was visibly unmaintained by the campers who had stayed there and commented.

Which begs the question, is one responsible for getting sick if they go swimming in water that looks like it has not been maintained, irregardless of whether the park itself had not done the maintenance,

if the quality issues can be seen on the surface, then wouldnt it be blatently obvious that swimming in it would most likely result in illness?

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

How about you just tell us, Mr. Snell.

Bob Snell
4 years ago

This is NOT the true story at Shades. I would strongly suggest
you contact Mike at Shades of Sherwood campground so you can print the true story.

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