Thursday, August 11, 2022


Here’s an easy, cheap trick to keep outdoor cords and chargers dry

It has been raining almost every night here in Minnesota this year and I need to charge my eBike. The bike is covered, the extension cord plug is well under the motorhome and the charger is tucked under, too. I thought my chargers would stay dry…

The next morning I found my charger wet, covered with mud and sitting in a puddle. Well, that’s not good! I immediately shut the power off at the pedestal and wiped the charger off.

The charger needs to be outside and near the bike, but it couldn’t stay like this if it was going to keep getting wet. I needed a solution…

Keep your outdoor cords and chargers dry

I found a $1.29 plastic pencil case in the school supply department, notched the sides where the cord goes through and placed the charger in. Success! During the next rainstorm, the charger was not in a puddle and wasn’t wet! I did crack the lid on the case slightly to allow air to circulate and not overheat the charger. (There’s a 3-pack on Amazon that would work too, especially if you want to color-code your cords or chargers.)

tip keep charger dry
Pencil case
keep charger dry
Notch in pencil case

If you have any cords or chargers that need to stay outside and dry during a rainstorm or potential rain, this is a great solution and it takes up virtually no room to store. Bonus!




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1 month ago

Nanci – how warm does that charger get? Seems you should have some vents or air ciruculation around it. (I have used this same type of box for m,any years, for my 30-50 amp extension cord connectors).

1 month ago

Good idea & has possibilities beyond ebike chargers

1 month ago

An easier solution I use is to place the charger on the rear bike rack or in my front basket..If you don’t have one, then bungee to the bike seat. I have a water proof bike cover from Amazon to keep the bike dry so I just cover it all up. E-bikes should not be left in the rain without a cover anyway. Also my battery gets hot so I would be very cautions about encapsulating it in a confined container..seems like a cracking the lid of the pencil case enough to allow for air circulation would also be enough for rain to enter. just my two cents.

1 month ago

Excellent idea. I use a similar arrangement to protect the junction when I have to use my 30a extension cord.

Bob p
1 month ago

If it’s raining that bad are you really going to be riding your bike?

Tom H.
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

You are a real “ray of sunshine”, Bob. Pun intended.

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