Friday, March 24, 2023


A place you probably haven’t thought of to store shoes in your RV

Finding a place to store shoes in your RV is always a [not-so-fun] game. Having limited space to store anything is challenging. Especially challenging is finding a way to store the growing number of shoes that get kicked off at the door. We’ve finally found two ways to corral them to keep them hidden and out of our way.

We got into the habit of taking our shoes off at the door in our old motorhome that was all carpet, and now we do the same even with tile floors. It is amazing the amount of dirt that is tracked in on our shoes!

Our old motorhome could fit a shoe storage rack on its back behind one of the seats, so we could easily put our shoes there as we came in. They didn’t bounce out, either, when on the road.

Our new motorhome… not so much. In our new motorhome, there was no place to fit the shoe rack, so it went to the back of the motorhome closet for seldom-worn shoes.

We had to find a new way to store shoes in our RV. I found clear boot trays that fit in front and behind the driver’s seat. It’s an easy, convenient place to store them when we come in from outside. And when we need to travel, we simply slide the trays full of shoes under the dining table. We found the clear ones at the container store, but Amazon has many similar ones.Nanci and her husband store their shoes under their RV's driver's seat while they're not traveling


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Denise W.
4 days ago

We keep a Rubbermaid tub outside, tucked under the trailer with our shoes. Shoes go in the tub before we enter. Keeps dirt outside where it belongs.

Roger B
5 days ago

Our older Montana has a laundry basket under the top step going to the bedroom but the openings are so big socks fall through to the basement. So instead of laundry we use it to keep extra shoes in.

6 days ago

We installed a hinge on one of the entry steps so it can be raised allowing access to a large storage area for shoes and other stuff.

Neal Davis
6 days ago

Thank you, Nanci!

Cheri Sicard
6 days ago

I wish that would work. Nothing in a towable to stash it behind though.

7 days ago

An excellent idea, IF you have the room! (notice the big ‘if’)

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