Editor’s notes, Issue 852

From editor Chuck Woodbury

Hello and happy weekend!

It’s late Friday as I write and once again I am way behind on my work for this issue. So me ol’ fingers are flyin’ across the keyboard.

I asked Mike Sokol to write this issue’s opening essay. Don’t miss what he says about RV generators and how to interpret the noise levels of the different types.

Mike and I got to talking about RV generators a couple of weeks ago after I had told him how upset I was with Camping World for selling a cheap, $299 generator in its latest sales flyer. These construction-type generators have no place in a campground because they’re so loud! We’ve all heard them and cursed their owners. There are just too many rude people out there who will buy one of these noisy things instead of spending more on one that won’t drown out their neighbor’s conversation.

What got me riled about Camping World selling such a cheap generator is that the CEO of Camping World is Marcus Lemonis, who is also the CEO of the Good Sam Club, which once upon a time actually cared about RVers, not just about mining their wallets. Why would he promote these noisy products and spoil the peace and quiet of other campers? He doesn’t camp, that’s why. Don’t buy one of these cheap generators. You will spoil your neighbor’s peace and quiet and they will be angry with you.

Also, before I forget, we recently confirmed that Mike Sokol will be a featured seminar speaker at the huge Hershey RV Show, coming Sept. 12 to 16 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Mike will speak each morning between 9:30 and 11 about RV Electricity. After each seminar wraps up, Mike will hold court in a seating section of the Giant Center Arena for those who want to continue the discussion. Look for Gail and me there, too.
* * *

Overnight stops might look like this — no frills, just a flat, safe place to stay a night with an electric hookup.

I can’t go into details right now, but I will say that my idea of a nationwide network of inexpensive overnight “campgrounds” is rapidly gaining steam. The idea is that when you’re headed from one destination RV park to another there will be a safe one-night stopping point along the way for you to stay with 50-amp and 30-amp service. An app will let you know what’s available and where. With your computer, tablet or smart phone, just log on, select the spot most convenient to stay along your path, pay online and the space will be yours for the night. Reserve it a month ahead or just hours ahead.

* * *
On Tuesday, five members of our staff met at our Edmonds office to talk about doing a better job of presenting all our information to you. By late this year, the way you read this newsletter and navigate the website will be far easier and more logical than today. Also, about a third of you are reading on a smartphone (and another 30 percent on tablets), so we must improve the reading experience for those of you who use these devices. Ah, the good ol’ days back when I began this newsletter when everyone read on a computer! It was so simple then. And just think: That was before YouTube, Facebook, iPads and other tablets, and iPhones.

Also, our new reader forum is just weeks away. I can hardly wait! I think you will find it valuable and a fun place to spend some time sharing your RVing thoughts and questions with your fellow readers as well as with our staff.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. And, please, if you like what we’re doing tell your friends about us. The more readers the merrier!

Enjoy your weekend. Be kind and safe!