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Editor’s Roadside Journal: Oct. 22, 2016



By Chuck Woodbury
Gail and I drove today from Eugene to Sisters, Ore., and then back, mostly on State Route 126 with a detour on Scenic Route 242 over McKenzie Pass and the incredible 65-square-mile lava field at the summit. It’s about 200 miles altogether. By the way, vehicles and vehicle combinations longer than 35 feet are not allowed on Route 242. Here are a few photos from the day. 


First stop: The giant lava field at McKenzie Pass. Gail was goofing off on the trail. I’ll write about this elsewhere.


Second stop: Sisters, a small Western-themed tourist town on the east side of the Cascades, west of Bend and Redmond. There are  many tourist shops and eateries. We dined at the Gallery Restaurant where our waitress wore a name tag that read “Boo” along with a image of a ghost. “Are all the servers here today named Boo?” I asked. Halloween is coming up soon, after all. “No, I’m the only one,” she said. “I picked up the nickname when I was a child. This [Halloween] is my time of year!”

The food was okay, but not great. But I was really hungry so it went down easy (I ordered a ham and cheese omelette with hash browns). When Boo came back to take my plate she saw it was picked clean. “It looks like you just about ate that plate,” she said. I said, “I almost did eat it,” and then I thought, “that’s a stupid thing to say,” and wished I’d just kept my mouth shut. But no big deal.

After lunch, we browsed the tourist stops.

Here are three tee-shirts that I liked:

gummi-766This is a kid’s shirt.

buttquack-766Backside of boxer shorts. Funny!

baitshirt766Trout fishing is big around here. This is probably a big seller.

baby-766This was in the window of a gift shop. It got my attention. Kinda creepie!

Other things I liked:

boring-766Probably some truth here with some couples.

children766I’ve seen this around Seattle.

nap-sign-766I liked the saying in the middle about naps. Sad to say, this applies to me.

antlers2-766In all the time I lived in Seattle I never saw a sign like this. This one was in the window of a sporting goods store, which sadly was closed for the day. But through the window I could see Elk antlers, priced from $22 to $110. A giant rack was on the floor, but I couldn’t see the price. I bet it was at least $500!

footballpageone This is the front page of the Sisters Nugget. What a nice story! At the Sisters Outlaws’ Homecoming game, the team ran a special play right after the coin toss, allowing B.J. Groat a chance to play. Groat has Downs Syndrome and had helped the team for two years, and this was his chance to suit up and get on the field. In his one play, he ran for a 40-yard touchdown. I’ll bet he’ll remember that moment for the rest of his life. What great teammates to do such a thing! And by the way, the Outlaws beat the Junction City Tigers 42-19 to cap a perfect night. Ryan Funk and Joanna Gelsen were crowned the Homecoming King and Queen.

We saw more on our day trip, but I’ll write about that later.

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