Who is responsible for educating the RV park idiots?


By Rosanne Drechsel

There are so many things to love about camping and just as many opportunities to enjoy it safely. It should also go without saying that a camper’s responsibility extends to every other person in the campground as well as to future campers.

We have camped for fifty years, the most recent five years as full-timers. We have watched older campers, younger couples with small children, those driving Class A motorhomes, those with travel trailers, and every other person and vehicle you can imagine. We have watched, and sometimes helped with, setup and take down procedures – trying our best to educate, and share helpful information. Unfortunately, again this morning we watched an RVer perform his take down and pack up procedures using techniques that made no common sense.

First, said RVer put on rubber gloves. He retrieved his gloves from a storage compartment. Obviously he used and reused them often. It is unclear how he justified that his gloves were clean or safe to put on. It is also unknown how he maintained a clean storage compartment.

This RVer kept his gloves on when disconnecting his water hose, his electric power cords, and when packing his clam screen house in the bed of his truck. He kept his gloves on when disconnecting and stowing his sewer hose. He kept his gloves on when wiping his face and pushing his glasses up on his nose.

But what he did that disgusted us most, and that showed his total disregard for fellow campers, involved cleaning his sewer hose and the elbow connector. After he disconnected the hose from his trailer he disconnected it from the sewer pipe. He then turned on the water spigot and completely rinsed the elbow connector and his sewer hose, allowing the contaminated water to drain on the ground at the base of the electric post and the fresh water connection. He then stowed his sewer hose and his gloves. He drove off probably happy with himself and his clean sewer hose!

Citizens must take classes and pass a test before they are allowed a driver’s license. Children must go to school, study, pass exams and graduate. Every employer teaches their employees how to correctly perform the job. Who is responsible for teaching the stupid camper how to camp? Just because Mr. and Mrs. John Doe can afford an RV does not make them a competent or responsible camper.

The next time we connect our fresh water hose to a campground site spigot, we’ll be sure that Lysol will be used first. We are currently in a State Park and every one of the 496 sites has a full hook-up. The disgusting behavior exhibited by the camper this morning is likely occurring at every campground at least once a day.

Is there an answer? Who is responsible for educating the idiots?


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Jesse W Crouse
1 month ago

Can’t fix STUPID. Trouble is that what STUPID does impacts everyone around them. When natural selection is used to cull the herd other members who thru no act or fault of their own get hurt. Apparently STUPID’S parents did not get the memo that their job as parents was to raise socially well adjusted and productive members of the herd- not be their friend, buddy or enabler Tough love or just doing your job- my opinion.

Brian Holmes
1 month ago

articles like this is what happens when you hire to many women. Thankfully she’s somebody else’s wife.

8 months ago


8 months ago

Take the warning labels off everything and let natural selection take over.

Bob Weinfurt
8 months ago

I wouldn’t call them idiots. Apparently, they’ve heard or read about how to do some of the procedures of setting uo and breaking camp. They either didn’t grasp or weren’t given the proper instructions or they just don’t care. I tend to lean towards that they just weren’t thinking. (We’ve all been there before)

Anne Goodwin
8 months ago

We always spray the water spigot, etc,., with a disinfectant. Gloves are fairly inexpensive at Harbor Freight. Also, use gloves at the gas/diesel pump. Just assume some people are unaware of good sanitary practices.

8 months ago
Reply to  Anne Goodwin

I just went to Harbor Freight three days ago to replenish my glove supply. All gone with a sign that they donate them to medical facilities and first responders as soon as they receive them. Good for Harbor Freight. Glad I have a dozen or more pairs left from last year. I will keep checking Harbor Freight and when this pandemic settles down some, maybe I can find some.

8 months ago

This is why we never ask a full hookup. Water and electric only. I watch one bonehead hang his sewer hose from the water spigot to drain! Jeez louise

Bill Massicotte
8 months ago

They are trying to help the un-informed! Not bashed by people like you.

8 months ago

You sure stepped on some toes, I guess some don’t like having their bad habits called out.

Rosanne Drechsel
8 months ago
Reply to  Lynn

Guess I did!

Steve S.
8 months ago

Well . . . looking on the bright side . . . at least he didn’t do his sewer gear rinsing on the picnic table!

I’ve seen that happen and . . . EWWWW!

It just goes to show that ‘common sense’ is not a common as we would like to think it is.

Miss Liz
8 months ago

Bleach takes 10 MINUTES to disinfect. Read that again. Spray, delay (ten minutes) and proceed. Bleach degrades in water, if you don’t make your bleach solution every time you use it, it is no longer a disinfectant. If you use a bleach/soap concoction that comes in it’s own bottle, it has chemical stabilizers and won’t degrade.
Covid has taught us (RVing 30 years – started as kids), we now use a janitorial supply disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses (and heaven knows what else). It disinfects in 1 minute – flush with water to remove residue. It is for hard surfaces. Ours is called X-Effect but there are a ton of products out there that do the same thing (availability issues likely).
p.s. if you go through this site to amazon, who might have a similar product, Chuck and the gang will get a tiny amount of money. Tiny bits add up.
Be safe out there, friends.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
8 months ago
Reply to  Miss Liz

Thank you for the information, and the plug for us, Miss Liz. Much appreciated! 😀 —Diane

Tillery Mermaid
7 months ago
Reply to  Miss Liz

Thank you for the tips Miss Liz. We’re newbies (haven’t been on our first trip yet), trying to figure things out before hand.

8 months ago

I recommend rewriting this entire article and use a compassionate educational tone instead of condescending. I know there are lessons in here but they are hard to find. How about explaining the best way to tear down camp, when and where to wear gloves, and how best to clean various parts?

Rosanne Drechsel
8 months ago
Reply to  russ

Well Russ, I wrote my opinion. I did not intend to write an educational article. Seems I opened a can of worms! Some worms agree with me. Some worms don’t. Some worms felt the need to support idiot behavior. Some stated support for calling an idiot an idiot. All worms have an opinion. Even you.

8 months ago
Reply to  russ

If you aren’t aware that rinsing your bodily waste onto the ground where someone else will be camping later that day or week then you lack common sense and basic intelligence and no amount of explaining is going to fix that. Sounds to me like the article hit a little too close to home for you?

8 months ago
Reply to  russ

Sometimes “blunt and candid” is more useful than “kid gloves” style of communication.

8 months ago

Some people know(not to many in this 21sentury cyber world) that Knowledge is Power. According this matter is normal that not everyone have a doctorate nurse or epidemiology set of mind. But in general if all the people in the planet new how often they need to wash their hands or change their clothes or simply clean their stuff in regular basis, we would not come to the point we in today and covid would not spread like it is now. Especially in RV life you need to think about cross-contamination all the time. You maybe really need to go and study about it somewhere to have some knowledge, otherwise you better live in apartment, where is that part of your life is taking care of.

8 months ago

Thanks for pointing out a few things to watch for. If someone else doesn’t want good information why are they reading? I heard similar stories about unsanitary acts, why would it be ok to endanger your fellow campers. Grow up people, people watching out for each other is just human nature, which is a good thing!

Captn John
8 months ago

I started pulling in 1976 and saw fewer unsavory acts then than now. Some people are uneducated and some are idiots no matter how much some do not like that word. Common sense would indicate one should not clean a sewer hose in that manner. I generally just shake my head and let them go. Using the same gloves~~ again lack of common sense as taught better in grade school.
Those that mix bleach and water in a spray bottle. You know the bleach is ineffective in hours and you are just spraying water, right? I use Clorox Wipes on all connections.
I’ll help when asked but anyone that wants to drive off with an awning or steps down, I let them go. I stopped a guy once leaving with his electric cord still attached and he was pissed, go figure.

Me C
8 months ago

Grown up around RV parks and 44 years later the old holier-than-thou hen-pecked man gets in everybody’s business because his floppy armed old lady tells him too.

Me roy
8 months ago

Yep you don’t have enough to do so put your nose in somebody’s business
Nuff said

Mike Williams
8 months ago

I see similar all the time. People think if they wear gloves then they’re invincible. I’ve watched restaurant workers handle food and then money/register and then food again without changing gloves. I’ve tried to educate people and they look at me like I am crazy. You will never win this battle, some people do not have the common sense to realize how to properly maintain health and safety standards. Just do the best you can to protect yourself and hopefully natural selection will take care of some of the rest. BTW, I use a spray bottle filled with bleach water and I spray the water spigot before I connect for whatever its worth.

8 months ago

You have taught me to clean this area of the site. You have helped where you can.

8 months ago

The person is responsible for seeking education themselves. Unfortunately most of us do not realize that we don’t know everything. Politely asking, saying “I don’t wish to be offensive but,may I offer a suggestion?” Then, as others below have said, just mind your own business. They obviously would be offended and probably are also short on common sense. We all have opportunities to learn, from others as well as our own mistakes. Humble yourselves and accept advice that is given with the best of intentions instead of being so ‘holier than though’.