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Who is responsible for educating the uneducated RVers?

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By Rosanne Drechsel

There are so many things to love about camping and just as many opportunities to enjoy it safely. It should also go without saying that a camper’s responsibility extends to every other person in the campground as well as to future campers.

We have camped for fifty years, the most recent five years as full-timers. We have watched older campers, younger couples with small children, those driving Class A motorhomes, those with travel trailers, and every other person and vehicle you can imagine. We have watched, and sometimes helped with, setup and take down procedures – trying our best to educate, and share helpful information. Unfortunately, again this morning we watched an RVer perform his take down and pack up procedures using techniques that made no common sense.

First, said RVer put on rubber gloves. He retrieved his gloves from a storage compartment. Obviously he used and reused them often. It is unclear how he justified that his gloves were clean or safe to put on. It is also unknown how he maintained a clean storage compartment.

This RVer kept his gloves on when disconnecting his water hose, his electric power cords, and when packing his clam screen house in the bed of his truck. He kept his gloves on when disconnecting and stowing his sewer hose. He kept his gloves on when wiping his face and pushing his glasses up on his nose.

But what he did that disgusted us most, and that showed his total disregard for fellow campers, involved cleaning his sewer hose and the elbow connector. After he disconnected the hose from his trailer he disconnected it from the sewer pipe. He then turned on the water spigot and completely rinsed the elbow connector and his sewer hose, allowing the contaminated water to drain on the ground at the base of the electric post and the fresh water connection. He then stowed his sewer hose and his gloves. He drove off probably happy with himself and his clean sewer hose!

Citizens must take classes and pass a test before they are allowed a driver’s license. Children must go to school, study, pass exams and graduate. Every employer teaches their employees how to correctly perform the job. Who is responsible for teaching the stupid camper how to camp? Just because Mr. and Mrs. John Doe can afford an RV does not make them a competent or responsible camper.

The next time we connect our fresh water hose to a campground site spigot, we’ll be sure that Lysol will be used first. We are currently in a State Park and every one of the 496 sites has a full hook-up. The disgusting behavior exhibited by the camper this morning is likely occurring at every campground at least once a day.

Is there an answer? Who is responsible for educating the uneducated?



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