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Electric trucks are here (maybe), but will they be relevant for RVers?

A decade ago, a modern electric pickup truck seemed far into the future. Rivian changed the landscape in September 2011 when its first production R1T debuted.

The company’s founder and CEO, RJ Scaringe, started the company as Mainstream Motors in 2009, but briefly changed the name to Avera Automotive and then to its current name, Rivian, in 2011.

The performance-oriented Rivian EV pickup truck debuted in September 2021.
The performance-oriented Rivian EV pickup truck debuted in September 2021.

The vehicle’s name comes from the Indian River in Florida, where Scaringe spent much of his youth exploring in his rowboat. Rivian’s all-electric R1T truck and R1S SUV debuted as prototypes at the 2018 LA Auto Show.

Like other electric truck manufacturers, Rivian’s efforts were affected by COVID-19. Some startups like Bollinger, whose prototypes were prominently featured at auto shows, have faded away or switched to hiatus mode.


Still, within the next three years, 15 current manufacturers have EV trucks planned for their unveiling.

What’s unknown about any of the current or future EV trucks is how they will perform towing RVs.

Here are 15 electric trucks scheduled for their consumer debuts by the end of 2025. (Vehicles listed with hyperlinks have been reported on by

1. RAM 1500 electric truck
2. Tesla Cybertruck
3. Rivian R1T
4. GMC Hummer EV
5. Chevy Silverado 
6. GMC Sierra electric truck
7. Ford F-150 Lightning
8. 2025 Ford
9. Ford Ranger
10. Toyota Tacoma EV
11. Hyundai
12. Bespoke Kia
13. Strategic Kia
14. Audi electric truck
15. VW Amarok Electric
16. Scout (VW Group brand)

Here are the electric trucks that have failed or whose futures are stalled:

1. Bollinger Motors
2. Canoo
3. Lordstown Motors
4. Nikola

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Brian Burry
1 month ago

Nice, so very premature, less than 2% of all vehicles sold the United States, are electric. Many many are offered and more are going to be coming, but the unlimited fuel that we have in United States (with over 530 years of known oil reserves) is rather foolish to switch to electric, when we cannot control what the grid can even put out and sustain electricity for residential use. California will have significant blackouts and rolling brown outs this summer and cannot provide basic electricity. Look at the recent past with Texas and all their problems with alternative energy.
They’re nice toys for rich people, could be a nice second vehicles but not for RV ers! Perhaps if we would build some new, clean, nuclear power plants, to make electricity more abundant, down the road, this dream could become more a reality.

1 month ago

I’m more interested in which EV trucks we would be able to tow behind our motorhome, and what the weight is of each vehicle!

Maurizio Taglianini
1 month ago
Reply to  Ran

Thank you James, transportation economies will eventually switch from horses and ICE 🙂

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