Friday, March 24, 2023


This fake RVer needs help to keep her enchiladas from spoiling

By Chuck Woodbury
Forgive me for being silly, but I just had to share this with you. On last Wednesday’s live Talkin’ RV Tech webinar with Dave Solberg and Dustin Simpson, from the director’s chair I sprung a surprise. I told them I had a video question from a viewer named Millie, who needed advice about how to fix her RV refrigerator, which had gone bad.

What I did not tell them was that the “viewer” was actually a woman created with artificial intelligence. I added the background, and wrote the words that “Millie” spoke. Watch Dave and Dustin as they see and hear Millie for the first time. They don’t show much emotion at first, but then they realize that something is goofy about the young woman.

Millie does not exist. She is based on a real person, but what you see and hear in this video is pure digital, created with AI.

The video is about one minute long. It will automatically repeat. To silence Millie, just hit the pause button and she will be quiet. Feel free to leave a comment.




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Gregory Illes
11 days ago

AI really needs to work on voice generation. It’s just horrible. Youtube in particular is just LOADED with crappy robo-voice narrated BS videos. I think that AI must stand for “Amateur Imitation”.

Diane McGovern
11 days ago
Reply to  Gregory Illes

I think you’re right, Greg! That’s perfect! You and Karin have a great day. 😀 –Diane

11 days ago

That was funny Chuck. Well done.

John S
12 days ago

Even if I hadn’t read Chuck’s intro to this video, I think that I’d still very quickly see that this ‘person’ was computer generated. Her voice was the give away – very stilted and overly enunciated. Dave & Dustin probably recognized the same thing right away.

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