Sunday, March 26, 2023


Your essays wanted

By Chuck Woodbury

As we near issue 1,000 of the newsletter, I am beginning my exit off center stage. It’s been a long, wonderful time, nearly two decades of writing the opening essay in most issues of our Saturday newsletter. Alas, it’s finally time for me to move aside. I have said all I need to say and know that I am beginning to repeat myself too often. So who will fill in?

Our current writers will contribute, I am sure. But other voices are important, maybe yours.

My invitation to you
Please consider stepping upon this wonderful stage, with its big, magnificent audience. We are not looking for “how-to” articles as in “how to dump your holding tanks,” or “how to repair a roof leak.” We are not looking for travel stories. We are looking more for “think pieces.”

In 500-750 words, write about the RV life — where it is, where it might be going, challenges. Relate a personal experience that says something about who we are as RVers and what it means to you, and perhaps others.

Who are we, RVers of today? Are we “campers”? Or are we living in big fifth wheels and motorhomes full-time in commercial RV parks rather than in a traditional home? Are we seeking peace in the wilderness with solar-powered rigs that can enable us to be self-sufficient for weeks, even months on end?

So, please, think about adding your voice to the discussion. If we use what you submit, we’ll thank you with a $75 Amazon gift card. If we believe you’re a superstar, we may offer you an ongoing paid position.

Just keep in mind that excellent writing is critical; in many cases it will be as important as the subject matter. Write from your heart. Don’t be afraid you’ll offend some readers because they might disagree with you. That always happens. We believe intelligent, thought-provoking discussion is important. It’s how we learn and become better people.

In some cases we may not choose your submission for our opening essay, but will want to use it elsewhere. If so, we’ll discuss that with you.

For now, submit your essays along with a photo or two, if important, to me at .

My staff and I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. In case you are wondering, I will continue to write for, but not necessarily on a regular, deadline basis. I’ll write when I have something to say and almost exclusively in our member edition. I plan to goof off a little more – get out in my RV and interact with nature, maybe head over to Wyoming to see if I can track down a wild jackalope.



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Abe Loughin
2 years ago

Chuck, I believe the Jackalope herds have migrated east into the Dakotas and have even heard of some sightings in West Texas.

2 years ago

Time to git typin!

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