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Are you kidding? $400,000 for an RV site? Yup!

At Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort in Indio, California, the average RV site goes for $400,000. No, that’s not rent. You buy your little plot of earth. All guests at Desert Shores sleep in their motorhomes, but each of those lots also has a villa. Each measures between 1,200 and 1,800 square feet and has its own pool, hot tub and patio.

Indoors, space opens up to a kitchen, a great room, a bathroom, and a garage.

Don’t show up in your $20,000 travel trailer and ask to stay. You can’t. Most folks here have half million dollar motor coaches. You think that’s expensive? That’s chump change. Some residents spent as much as three million on their rigs! And if your RV doesn’t have an engine, don’t even think about staying. No fifth wheels or travel trailers. If that’s you, then head across the tracks to the low-rent district. In fact, at the top of their website it clearly states: “Class-A, Diesel Motorcoaches of 36′ – 45′ are required for owners and lessees.”

Guests also have access to a 10,000-square-foot clubhouse, pool, spa, kitchen, ballroom, fitness center, tennis courts, a dog park and enhanced security.

“Our guests are primarily snowbirds from colder states, and most are self-made husband-and-wife duos who have built small businesses together,” said Darren Leigh Smith, Desert Shores’ Broker. “All of the hard work they put in affords them the time to enjoy life away from work more. They come to Desert Shores because of the extra space we provide with our large lots and casitas, which allows them to invite their kids and grandkids to visit, which can be hard to do with typical RV resorts.”

Photos courtesy of Desert Shores. Information from Business Insider is referenced.


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Danny Evans
2 years ago

I can’t even think of having something like that, but if I could afford it I would do it.

Last edited 2 years ago by Danny Evans
2 years ago

We stayed at this resort Thanksgiving 2018 and we had just purchased a 2018 Newmar London Aire. We had a nice lot, it was not a developed one like most were, I’m sure it was for sale. We had Thanksgiving brunch in the beautiful club house. We did not use any of the amenities in the resort. It’s typical California and most people didn’t speak to us when we walked the dogs. We had an uber driver pick us up to go have dinner one evening and the guard would not let him in the gate, we had to drive outside the gate and park our car. We shopped in PS and that was fun and went a resale place that was packed with very nice used furnishings and brought back a 7 foot driftwood sculpture that was a fun find for our house. Will we go back, maybe?
We have also been to the resort near Key West “ Blue Water” and the lot had a tiki hut on it and was on the ocean. We just left the Class A Polson RV Resort in Montana one hour ago and rented a beautiful lot full of flowers and landscape.

Matt Johnson
2 years ago

No 5th wheels! Or other well maintained non class A RV’s. The height of some people’s noses will never cease to amaze me. Yes my 5th wheel is not a million dollar rig, its only $160,000, and my F450 platinum was another $125,000 with extras. But we still enjoy our TT membership and the mom and pop places in the other 2/3s of the country TT is not in. Places that put such strict overbearing rules in place, dose not sound like a fun place to be for us.

2 years ago
Reply to  Matt Johnson

I believe that everyone that has something also has some people that make comments that are negative towards their possessions. Just as the fifth wheel objects to the class a resort.
Those with tents and a broken down car don’t like arrogant 5th wheel , Ford pick up owners.
America is great with everyone free to choose and free to live their life.
Just think how boring if we all liked and did the same things.
I am grateful to meet and learn from all walks of life. Congratulations to everyone for being you!

2 years ago

Interesting that most residents were small business owners. If they became multi-millionaires via small business, I am glad I wasn’t one of their customers who likely were overcharged or employees who were underpaid. I would like to know the name of their investment advisor, though!

Cheryl Bacon
2 years ago
Reply to  Pursuits712

Your comment proves how little you know about owning a small business. Most small business owners spend the first 10 years just building the business to a sustainable level. They pay themselves a very modest amount, which is not much more than they pay their employees. Most profits go into the cost of running and building the business and getting new clients. Most of these businesses survived the recession and are surviving the economic downturn of COVID. The ones that don’t survive come looking for jobs at the ones that survived and want salaries higher than the business owner pays themselves. If they can afford this type of lifestyle now, it is because they worked hard, worked 60-80 hour weeks and lived very modestly for a long time before now.

2 years ago
Reply to  Cheryl Bacon

As a former small business owner, I agree with everything you said. You think a doctor or lawyer gets no sleep? Try starting and building up a small business. It’s quite the education! Thankfully, my business was successful, but that’s not always the outcome. And, NO, this kind of “RVing” is not for me!

Last edited 2 years ago by Lyn
2 years ago

If I could, I wouldn’t.

Conrad E Schuberth
2 years ago

You think Desert shores is expensive?
Check out Bluewater RV resort in Key West Fl. Aprox $400k to 1.3mil.

Paul S Goldberg
2 years ago

Not our cup of tea, but very nice and we have friends who wold find it perfect. Wouldn’t mind visiting. We belong to a SKP Coop for <1/10th the cost and have a marvelous community that works and plays together (when there is no pandemic). Money is not the object, people are!

2 years ago

$400k really doesn’t seem unreasonable considering what you get. Not sure why the article makes it seem as though that is a lot of money.

I don’t own a motorhome so I wouldn’t qualify but seems like a great place.

Gary Swope
2 years ago

Does this have HOA fees? Is the lot maintained when you are away traveling for 6 months. When traveling in your class A, can you rent out your lot space? Pool maintenance? Maid service…etc?

2 years ago
Reply to  Gary Swope

The HOA fee is $695 per month. The resort maintains beautiful lakes and landscaping. You can rent your pad when you are not there but there is a minimum stay of 30 days. There are maid services that will come to the resort. Pool and your lot landscaping care is available. Great group of people here.

Bob p
2 years ago

A classic case of having more dollars than sense.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

You misspelled cents!

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Dave

😆 —Diane at

1 year ago
Reply to  Dave

No he didn’t you don’t understand english

2 years ago

Met a woman once who was very materially conscious and proud of her class A motorhome. She commented that “wherever we go, we are automatically part of the wine and cheese group.” Told her “yea, we are happy with the beer and brats group.’

We were very successful in our business, but I see no reason to wear it on my sleeve.

2 years ago
Reply to  wally

Amen brother, amen!! That attitude, thought process, irritates me to no end!

2 years ago
Reply to  Mark

Had no idea places like this existed… I remember Indio when it was…well… Just Indio…😅 I agree Mark – sans the irritation part.

2 years ago
Reply to  wally

Seems to me both wine & cheese, and beer & brats, can be bought at any grocery store. Happy to have anyone who wants to share in either come on around!

2 years ago

We’ve stayed there, visiting friends and staying in their “buddy lot”. Even the buddy lot is a VERY high end RV spot. The lots with Casitas are out of this world. Has exactly the same look and feel as a 5-star tropical resort. Not our cup of tea, though – even if we could afford it (which we can’t). When we’re in the rig, we’re on the move…

2 years ago

Why bother with the RV? 1200sq ft, patio area, pool. I’ll just drive the car there.

T Edwards
2 years ago

To each, their own. For less than 1/3 the price we sold “the big house” in NC, purchased a recently built brick ranch on 1 acre in the country up on the Cumberland Plateau, installed an RV port, fenced in the property and paved the driveway. We’re now enjoying the fruits of our 1/8 acre garden, planted fig and fruit trees, and watch the neighbor’s horses and cattle out our back patio windows.

Bonus: We’re not packed in like sardines. And we can take the 1/4 million we didn’t throw at a place in the desert or other RV villages and spend it on a slightly better RV plus months at a time exploring America for years to come, until we’re too old to do so.

Having just retired, this will be our first snowbird trip south. Instead of winterizing the RV, we will winterize the home, returning next spring. It’s a better fit for us.

Marie Dalzell
2 years ago

I’m glad I don’t qualify to stay there. Definitely not my class of people.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

A 1200 square foot villa? That’s how big our HOUSE is! We might just be passing on this one.

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