Farewell, Mad Magazine


By Chuck Woodbury
I am sad. Mad Magazine is shutting down after 67 years. I grew up reading Mad. My mother, sister and I would read it together, often folding up with laughter. My mother had a great sense of humor. She “got” Mad. My father didn’t. He couldn’t figure out what was so funny. Too bad for him.

And now, the end is near. The magazine will be pulled from newsstands in August, from then on only available by subscription and in comic book stores. Beginning in October, the only new content will be the cover art. The insides will be reruns.

According to CNN, the only new content from Mad after that will be its end-of-year issue. Its parent company DC Entertainment will continue to publish Mad books and other special collections.

Farewell, Alfred E. Newman. We’ve grown old together, only you never got wrinkles or gray hair!

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Scott Gitlin

I remember the paperback books they published – my first was “The Bedside Mad.” I think the first story was a take off on the Flash Gordon serial – Flesh Garden, I think.

A big thing was when they put a record inside an issue, “She Got A Nose Job.”

Also remember a competitor . . . Cracked . . . but i preferred Mad.

Tommy Molnar

I had the very first issue of Mad when I was a kid. “25¢ Cheap”. It had Alfred’s picture on the front, and the back was the back of his head looking out over an audience of cartoon caricatures of famous people. Like a fool, I gave away my collection of Mad mags at an early age. Dang it!

I looked forward to it every month. Always got the 50¢ ‘biggies’ that had cardboard playable records attached (if I taped them to my turntable). The artists were great, and the wit and sarcasm were unmatched by any of the wannabe’s that came out (and disappeared quickly).


Spy vs Spy was THE best. I loved their movie spoofs too. I remember taking part of the money I earned from my paper route to buy the magazine, and then started buying the paperbacks. I had an Alfred E. Newman bust, and a fair amount of silly Mad memorabilia.

Wayne Caldwell

It’s been many years, but I really enjoyed the “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions” (that was probably a major contributor to my strong sarcasm), such as the guy at the side of the road changing a tire, “Got a flat?” “No, I always rotate my tires every 3,000 miles no matter where I am!” Or the dentist, “Did that hurt?” ” No, I always retch, scream, and cry when I’m happy! ” Alfred taught me well.

Lance Craig

What? Me worry? Farewell to some of the best comedy, sarcasm, enlightenment ever in a magazine.