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Favorite lighting choices for camping and RVing


One of the very best parts of camping and RVing is enjoying the nighttime hours. I love it when dusk slowly morphs into twilight. Stars appear and soon darkness envelops our campsite. It’s peaceful and serene. While I really enjoy the darkness, there are times when we all need a little light.

Here are some of my favorite lighting choices for camping and RVing:


Whether you’re changing a flat tire or dousing the campfire before bedtime, a headlamp can be a great help. Here’s one we use. It features several different light modes and is weatherproof and rechargeable, too.

Glove lights

Light-up gloves like these are great for intricate and close-up tasks, even in the daytime but you’ll probably use them most when it’s dark. These lights make it easy to take the dog out that last time at night. Because they are hands-free, you can grip the leash in one hand while carrying the “doggy doo” bag in the other. Or, once inside, you can wear the lighted gloves to read a book, knit, or work a crossword puzzle without overhead RV lights keeping others awake.

Tap lights

These convenient lights can shed welcome light to so many places inside your RV. Think: inside cabinets and cupboards, under the bed storage area, back recesses of the RV closet, in the RV basement, and more. There are several kinds of tap lights. Think about those dark spots in your RV and consider placing tap lights there.

Magnetic flashlight

Every camper has a favorite flashlight. This is mine. I like that it’s magnetic. It will “stick” in place under the truck hood while we use both hands to check hoses, fluid levels, and more. The built-in clip can fasten to a belt or backpack chest strap for carrying, and the light modes include a warning strobe and an S.O.S. signal, too.

Grill lights

These grill lights allow us to spend more time hiking. Why? We can grill our evening meal long after sunset. Magnets hold the lights securely in place on our grill, and the gooseneck design allows for just the right positioning of light.

Step lights

MORryde offers these motion-activated step lights to make navigating your RV stairs easier and safer in the dark. If you prefer, you can toggle the motion-activated sensor to “off” or “continuous on” as well.

Outdoor string lights

Outdoor lights can be controversial, but these are some of the best I’ve seen. The 18-foot string of lights can be charged by solar power or fast charged by USB. Best of all, the complete set is self-contained. It weighs only about 12 oz. and collapses down to a mere two inches, making it easy to pack along. With both a nylon braid and a built-in clip, these lights can hang almost anywhere. They are great for tent campers as well as RVers. You can even charge your phone via this lighting unit.

What are some of your favorite lighting choices for camping or RVing? Please share in the comments below.


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16 days ago

I like the small $1.99 lights that can be put into a wine bottle. Good motivation for drinking wine… the lights I got from Amazon are chargeable via a USB. These lights are soft but bright enough on a table inside or outside.

16 days ago

Thanks Gail, The Luci solar/USB powered string lights are far out. I have a few sets; a bit spendy but the light is not obnoxious.

16 days ago

I installed two motion activated lites. One is over the entry door key lock and the other is inside the entry door, under the upper valance – it lites the entry steps and door locks when you approach them. Could save a fall or better yet lites the locks in the event of a rapid evacuation requirement. I found them on EBay for about $3.00 or so. Requires 1 AA battery (not included!)

Michael Galvin
16 days ago

Outdoor lights ruin the nighttime experience for many of us.

Warren G
16 days ago

We also like the solar charged Luci lights when we’re camping with no electric hookup. 3 levels of intensity and provide good lighting.

16 days ago

In our RV we have some awesome LED ceiling lights, under cabinet lights. But when you open up a cabinet, all that light is almost useless. I’ve installed motion detector lights in just about all of our cabinets, even including the one under sink. My wife really likes them & so do I.

Jesse Crouse
16 days ago

Ok to use if the operator has an idea of common courtesy