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What are your favorite RV YouTube channels?

After serving as’s “video editor” for the last 6 months or so, I have probably watched more RV YouTube videos than nearly anyone.

I thought it would be fun to come up with picks of the best RV YouTube channels of 2022. BUT, then I thought it would be even more fun to get your opinions too. Yours may or may not match mine, and we may all learn about some new RV YouTube resources.

To share, fill out the form and in addition to MY picks, we will feature the Reader’s Choice favorites too.

We’ll do a follow-up article with my best YouTube picks and the most popular picks from our readers.

To participate, please fill out the form below (DO NOT ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE). Feel free to fill out some or all of these categories:

Nomination categories for best RV YouTube channels:

  • Best all-around RV YouTube channel – in other words, your #1 favorite RV YouTube channel of all.
  • Best RV remodeling and/or restoring YouTube channel.
  • Best RV repair and maintenance YouTube channel.
  • Best RV reviews YouTube channel.
  • Best RV lifestyle YouTube channel.
  • Best travel-centric RV YouTube channel.
  • Best budget RV YouTube channel.

(*Comments might be edited for grammar and brevity.)

Please include the category you think the YouTube channel best belongs in.



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6 days ago

I just discovered Till Further Notice. This couple should have 50,000 subscribers by now. They are so witty and funny.
Another favorite for everything how-to is My RV Works. Darren is so detailed in all of his videos.
Less Junk More Journey and All About RVs.

8 days ago


8 days ago

This won’t help you but I’ve found that any channel relating to repair of Lippert components (steps, slides, etc) is, by default, my ‘go to’ source.

8 days ago

My favorite RV YouTube channels change from time to time but right now the four below are the ones I like the most. 😁 I have learned so much about so many subjects on YouTube!

Dave Pellegrino
8 days ago

I have found that as time marches on, I watch less and less YouTube channels. I will say, I watch a couple of them for their how to content(repairs, upgrades). WHY would I watch a channel about their travels? Makes no sense. There is no right way or wrong way to RV, except for campground etiquette and common sense. Get out there and do it instead of watching someone else do it for you. OH and get paid for it because you watch it…and then want you to join patreon to give them even more money!! WOW really!

Donald N Wright
8 days ago

Luvsubbin. a traveling couple in an Airstream
Jonna Jinton A lady living in North Sweden, sings.
Sexplainations by Dr. Doe

Ron Yanuszewski
8 days ago

When we talk about content creation, Youtube RVer’s pop right in my mind. Most are absolutely horrible, even some of the bigger names just put out a catastrophic headline then follow it up with crap. You can also tell when the money starts rolling in from the industry. You’ll constantly see entry level offerings from the big 3, which we all know are garbage, in any top 5 article. Don’t even get me started on RV youtuber surprise face.

Last edited 8 days ago by Ron Yanuszewski

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