Friday, February 3, 2023


FCC authorizes more Starlink satellites

A Starlink RV Falcon9 satellite launchThe U.S. Federal Communications Commission issued regulatory approval to SpaceX this week for the launch of an additional 7,500 Starlink internet satellites.

The FCC order read in part, “Our action will allow SpaceX to begin deployment of Gen 2 Starlink.”

The regulator’s decision is in line with SpaceX plans to expand the Starlink network to one day include more than 30,000 satellites in low-earth orbit.

The FCC did not grant SpaceX the full allocation it requested, which included deployment of the total 30,000 satellites. It placed conditions on the plan to implement its satellites array, including awaiting an analysis “… to address concerns about orbital debris and space safety,” deferring a decision on the application to launch the larger number.

The authorization also imposed the requirement that SpaceX coordinate with other satellite operators as well as with NASA and the National Science Foundation to protect science missions and radio astronomy. SpaceX’s FCC application has been contested in filings with the regulator from companies including Viasat, DISH, and Amazon.

SpaceX has launched 3,500 of the first-generation Starlink satellites into orbit, providing high-speed, low-latency satellite broadband service to the company’s 500,000 subscribers. During 2022, Starlink services have been specifically tailored to residential, commercial business, RVs, marine, and aerospace clients.




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1 month ago

Launch approval should include the disposal at the end of its life, not just let it fall back to earth. Too much space junk now and as we have seen on earth what happens with no disposal plans besides throw it away.

12 days ago
Reply to  Tom

I have read that Starlink guides spent satelites to ocean landings instead of “falling back to earth”. You can monitor how many are now out of service and being guided back at It also shows how many new satelites are in service and how many are being guided to their working altitude there also.

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

“Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder if you are starlink”

1 month ago

Subscription fault.

1 month ago

I wish someone else owned starlink. Elon has done some incredible things but he seems to have jumped the shark this year. He’s probably right on twitter and how many people it truly takes to run it, however his billionaire ivory tower positioning in telling people how to think…that’s not going to work for me. However…I’ll still buy starlink if its the only game in town for great internet in the RV.

1 month ago
Reply to  Dave

If free speech is telling people how to think then I want more.

Diane Mc
1 month ago
Reply to  Alan


Lisa Stewart
1 month ago
Reply to  Diane Mc


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