Video: Figure 8 travel trailer races: hilarious!


Get ready to laugh as you sit in the grandstands and watch race cars towing travel trailers compete on a Figure 8 race course.

The action from Michigan doesn’t move too fast, but the crashes along the way will have you bent over in laughter. Which of the race cars/trailers will survive this brutal race? You’ll need to watch the video to find out.

This is great fun!

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  1. I play a PC game called “Wreckfest” (a GREAT game, by the way) and there are several figure-8 races in it. But, it’s all cars and no trailers. Lotsa YouTube vids out there. Nevertheless, it’s great fun. In the UK they have what they call “Banger Racing” in which drivers enter with pretty much junkers and run into each other in their pursuit of the win.


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