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Finding the “perfect” RV requires a shift in perspective

“There is no perfect RV.” That’s the advice a salesman-friend gave to us and over the years we’ve finally realized that he was right. At the time, we were looking for the impossible: an RV that offered plenty of sleeping space for our extended family, comfortable seating for all of us, a large basement, towable with our truck and priced within our budget. That RV didn’t exist. We should know. We looked for months, both online searching for that perfect floor plan and in person. Yes, we checked out every RV dealership within 100 miles of home. We saw lots and lots of RVs. There were even a few we really liked, but none fit our impossible list of “must-haves.”

After a particularly exhausting day of RV shopping, it finally registered: “There is no perfect RV.” From then on, our criteria shifted.

Here’s why we reconsidered

The wonderful camping pictures of multi-generational families gathered around the campfire looked great. But, honestly, we asked ourselves, how many times per year would our extended family really RV with us? Sure, hubby and I were retired, but the rest of our family still worked regular hours, five days a week. With grandkids fast approaching the time when sports teams and time with friends might take precedence, we faced the reality that the RV we’d eventually purchase would mostly be for us. Just for us.

Renewed search

Well, that changed things. A lot of things! Without the burden of our previous “must-haves,” we renewed our search. We quickly located a quality RV within our budget. Our truck could easily pull the RV’s weight, too. It featured all the amenities just the two of us needed. It was perfect! Well, almost…

Making it the perfect RV

We’ve made some changes to our “perfect RV.” Hubby fashioned extra shelves for the interiors of the cupboards. We got a few rugs to warm up the floors. Throw pillows brightened the decor and storage containers helped control the basement necessities.

For extended family? I found sleeping bags for the grandkids, bought new sheets for the sleeper sofa, and got extra bed pillows for everyone. (They’re stored at home until we need them.) Now whenever the extended family is ready, we can take that long-anticipated camping trip. In the meantime, hubby and I thoroughly enjoy our RV – as it’s nearly perfect for us!


RV shopping? Think used!



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Seb T
6 months ago

We’ve been on the hunt for our next motorhome this year. At one point, I mentioned to my wife we were looking for a Tardis- 30 feet outside and 40 feet inside!

6 months ago

Buying an RV is like buying almost anything (computer, software, vehicle). The main question is, “What do you intend to do with it?” We went to look at RVs with a floor plan that we wanted. Upon showing it to the salesman his response was, “I have 2 with the floor plan.” It made it easy to eliminate walking all over the lot to look at possibilities.

Bob p
6 months ago

We found a long time ago that when children become teens and get their driver’s license they usually lose interest in camping with mom and dad much less grandma and grandpa. So you may as well plan on getting what pleases you and forget about pleasing the rest of the family. We had 3 children, all three lost interest in camping as soon as they became teens. The youngest one still thought camping was a good family thing, he even bought a 5th wheel, then the divorce, their daughter grew up, now remarried new wife not interested in camping, trailer and truck sold. Times are a changing.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

The perfect RV is the one that is paid for.

6 months ago

The perfect RV is the one you are dreaming of owning but haven’t yet purchased! 🙂

I remember an episode of Star Trek (Amok Time) where Spock said: “After a time, you may find that ‘having’ is not so pleasing a thing after all as ‘wanting.’ It is not logical, but it is often true.”

Richard Carlson
1 year ago

Yes, we spent four years full-time in a 35′ Class A — after many years in smaller rigs for weekends and short trips. Now, we’re back in a sticks-and-bricks with a 17′ trailer. It’s a great balance for us.

Bob P
1 year ago

Spending our 5th anniversary week in our downsized (from a 38’ class A to a 23’ travel trailer) and wondering if we’ll adapt to less room. Lol

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob P

Good luck with THAT, Bob. Ha.

Bob p
6 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

We survived the down size, now we live permanently in a RV resort in central FL and the 23’ TT is for sale. We bought an expanded park model with a FL room, had to downsize again from a 3 bedroom ranch into this, but we’ll make it, our camping days are over as far as pulling a RV. We are in our lower 80’s so it’s time. Lol. Enjoyed it while it lasted, but the price of gas, plus inflation took most of the fun away.

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