Fire danger reduced and restrictions removed in Umpqua NF


    The wildfire season is not over yet; however, one by one forest districts are lowering their fire danger and removing restrictions for RVers, campers and hunters using the forests.

    In Oregon, officials with the Umpqua National Forest on Saturday lowered the fire danger rating and lifted Public Use Restrictions, reports KQEN.

    Cheryl Caplan said the fire danger will be classified as “low.” With restrictions to the public taken away, campfires will be permitted in dispersed camping areas.

    Caplan said with hunting season underway, people should remember that fire season is not over and should be cautious when recreating. Campfires must be drowned until cool to the touch before leaving a camping site.

    Caplan said forest roads south of the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness on the Tiller Ranger District remain closed for public safety because of the danger from trees damaged by wildfire.

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    Billy Bob Thorton
    2 years ago

    Ah, marshmallows and baked potatoes are back on the menu in the NF.

    RV Staff (@rvstaff)
    2 years ago

    Oh, yeah! Sounds yummy! Reminds me of a time I was camping long ago. I put potatoes in foil and into the hot coals to bake while we went on a short hike. Got back and checked them, and they had turned into little charcoal briquets in the foil. I guess we were gone a little longer than I thought. Live and learn. 😀 —Mountain Mama aka Diane at