Five basic tips for RV-safe trips


    Courtesy Amica Insurance

    Here are some basic tips from Amica Insurance to keep in mind for safe driving in an RV:

    1.  Double-check your blinds spots: On an RV, blind spots tend to be bigger than on a smaller vehicle. Using mirrors increases your safety but they don’t always show everything on the road, so always be aware of what’s around you.

    2.  Leave more space: That means leave extra room for braking. RVs are heavier than typical cars and require more time to stop.

    3.  Never tire your tires: Make sure all tires are in good condition and properly inflated. Avoiding excess loading and driving at a safe speed will cut down on tire issues.

    4.  RV diet? Weight distribution is crucial when traveling in an RV, so be sure to securely pack away heavy items. Items that come loose can cause problems with handling and braking.

    5.  Just belt ’em: Always wear a seat belt, whether you’re driving the RV or are a passenger. Anyone not wearing a seat belt may be injured in the event of a sudden stop or accident.

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