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FMCA to welcome towable owners

After several months of voting, members of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) have voted overwhelmingly to admit the owners of all self-contained RVs. For more than 50 years FMCA has been exclusively for the owners of self-contained motorized RVs.

Approximately 13 percent of the membership voted, a total of 9,801 votes. Of those, 6,820 voted to accept owners of towable RVs, with 2,981 opposed.

“Per FMCA’s governing documents, the paperwork is being filed to make the vote official. Until the paperwork is finalized, we cannot accept membership applications from owners of self-contained RVs,” FMCA wrote to members in a Friday afternoon email.

The club will still be named the Family Motor Coach Association but will be commonly referred to as FMCA.







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4 years ago

I own both a 2002 Fifth Wheel and a 2003 Newmar MH. I belong to FMCA and feel it should have stayed as MH homes only but the majority won and we will welcome whomever wants to join. There are big advantages to joining as in roadside service is less expensive, good discounts on towables and I do believe with the membership comes being added to being able to be flown home if ill without additional cost. That may change I guess but….

4 years ago

I’m sure some TT and 5er owners will find a few perks that they feel the cost of FMCA dues and upgrades provide. Every MH owner beside me at a CG has been nice and never a problem. However, being in the same CG where they have a rally is a different story. My feeling is my new 5ers were never good enough in the past and now my money is too good for them. Like most, I got along just fine without them and will continue to do so. I wish them luck and especially the TT and 5er owners that decide to join. The TT and 5er owners must understand they are joining the national organization. Local chapters are at times are brand or class specific. Additionally, those open to all brands and MH types will decide if towables fit in or not. Honestly, I think FMCA made a mistake and doubt the addition of TTs and 5ers will do little to delaying their demise.

4 years ago

Will not join! Have 27 ‘ Winnebago TT and have only had a nice conversation one time with a FMCA member or other Class A owner! All others just turn their nose up at us and act like we are related to cousin Eddy!

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

If only 13% voted, that means the other 87% didn’t care one way or the other. We’ve been trailer folks for over 25 years, and we will most likely STAY trailer folks. I can see why many of the members of FMCA don’t like the idea. Part of the name of the association IS Motor Coach! And, I wouldn’t join because my trailer is NOT a motor coach.

This organization just might go the way of the do do bird,.

4 years ago

As FMCA members we have nothing against towables in fact we use to own one for many years and like it very much. We worked and saved for many years to buy our motorhome then joined FMCA. At the time we like the idea of a family friendly club for motorhomes only. The way we understand it we or FMCA is inviting towables into the club just for more revenues. Then the powers to be tried selling this notion by saying we are getting old and they wanted to expand clubs memberships for more family fun. This move may back fire on the powers to be. FMCA has decided to make this move for the future of the club but it will be without us. Like many others we have talked to we will not be renewing our membership. Good Rving to all.

Dennis Wishon
4 years ago

We have been members for only a short time. 2 years now and we liked the exclusive members with Motor Homes and now it is open to more. Problem we have is that there were already issues finding camping for the number of rigs that attend as it was (most end up setting up in parking lots) and add more is not going to help the issue at all. We will not be renewing. Will find just an independent group of motor homes with like interest.

Roger Marble
4 years ago

I find some comments from the different RV owners interesting. Each seems to have a good number of negative opinions of the other but I have to wonder if the feelings are based on facts and current behavior or if some of the prejudices are holdover from by-gone days.

I have a small (23′) Class-C so clearly, do not fit the stereotype of an elitist Class-A DP owner. I have been to a few FMCA conventions and have always felt welcome. Even been invited to join talk around the campfire.

No doubt there are some RV owners who feel their brand is the only good brand and probably some feel the same about their “type” RV. I really do not understand the prejudices some have about other people they have never met.

Teresa M
4 years ago

Well my deciding factor is if they offer benefits that match my traveling goals. I guess I’m lucky not to have a negative history of bad feelings or specific expectations.

Michelle Sullivan
4 years ago

Not sure if we’ll join or not. We went to one FMCA Rally where Towables were allowed, and joked that our Fifthwheel/Tow was worth more than half the Motor Homes that were there..
With such a small percentage of FMCA Members voting I still have to wonder how welcomed we would be.

Rick Nunemaker
4 years ago

I would not join FMCA if it was the only club out there. I was a member years ago but when we sold our motor home, I had to leave. Now that membership is declining they want to open doors to generate more revenue. Not good enough then, not good enough now. Fulltime 5th wheel for 11 yrs now.

4 years ago

I will not renew my FMCA membership. I have been a member for a number of years. When I joined I liked the idea it was for motorhomes only.

Michael Butts
4 years ago

I don’t see how this will magically fix FMCA’s elderly membership problem. I couldn’t relate to their average 70+ year old members and I’m 53. I don’t think a bunch of 30-somethings are suddenly going to join. Good Sam and FMCA appear to me as clubs for long-retired people my parents’ age.

4 years ago
Reply to  Michael Butts

Your correct. I am your parents age and very happily cruising thru the byways in my DP. By the way I busted my {bleeped} working for 44 years to pay for this DP. I personally don’t want a bunch of kids running around Perry GA. National FMCA rally. Done, finished with FMCA. Roger, NOT!

Charlie Adcock
4 years ago

Chuck really nice article about the FMCA vote. Thank you for your support.

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