Saturday, September 24, 2022


Ford’s RV Refrigeration announces one-day classes on RV refrigerator repair

Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center has specialized in RV refrigerator repair since 1984. The company has posted many helpful videos on its YouTube channel, which has 7,000 subscribers and more than a million views. Many RVers consider the company to be the “go-to source” when they have a problem with an RV absorption refrigerator.

The company just announced that it has launched a training program for RV owners and RV technicians. They can bring their RV to the business’ headquarters in Benton, Kentucky, and be trained in RV refrigerator diagnostics and repair on their refrigerator in a one-day course. RV techs can bring an RV or be trained with FRVRTC refrigerators. The cost is $400 for the basic class or $800 for the advanced version.

“By taking this training, you can successfully do your own repairs, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars on future repair costs,” the company explains on its website.


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