Free ‘pre-paid’ cremation? Huh?



I keep getting mail from the Neptune Society. That’s the company that will cremate you after you die (but not before, of course) for a modest fee compared to burying you in the ground in an expensive coffin.

Recently, my junk mail from the company has offered, right on the front of the envelope, this message: “Free Pre-Paid Cremation.” To which I say, “huh?” Free but pre-paid? Does that make sense to you? Watch the video and I’ll tell you more.


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Charlotte Lloyd

I always dreamed of doing Quartzsite and we finally played ‘snowbirds’ and went south the winter of 2010. I am glad we did. The energy around Quartzsite in January was exciting. To see thousands of RVers from every walk of life together was awesome.

We did stay at Patty’s because my husband did not want to go without his TV plus their internet there was great – rent was reasonable.

Robert Alexander

A couple of weeks a go you wrote about the poor quality of RV manufacturing. The topic is acute on facebook RV groups like

Mike O'Rourke

We stopped at the Walmart in Parker AZ and were told that the city code will not allow overnight parking, however the Blue Water Casino which is just east of WM does allow free overnight parking. The Casino is owned by an Indian tribe and can make their rules.