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Free RV spot? Try caretaking – trade skills, or your presence

By Bob Difley
Caretaking takes many forms, such as simply camping at a remote location to deter theft or vandalism or staying on someone else’s property while they are away. This could often entail watering plants, feeding pets or gardening.

Usually you will stay in your own rig but have access to electrical and water connections and the use of a bathroom facility. Each caretaking position is different and usually involves trading your services for free living and sometimes, depending on the work and responsibility, also some $$.

How to you find caretaking positions? You can search online for “house sitters,” or check online for caretaker positions available at federal agencies like the BLM, NFS, Fish & Wildlife Service, etc.

However, you will find pages of listings in the bi-monthly The Caretaker Gazette that specializes in finding property caretaking and house sitting positions. It is lists new positions daily and includes descriptions of the position, whether pay is included, and details of the duties required. It is available with an annual subscription, and includes frequent email updates.

But act quickly on newly listed positions—the choicest ones get taken first. And have a brief resume, letters of referral and references ready to email to those seeking caretakers. The easier you make their decision of who to hire, the more likely you are to get the position.

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7 months ago

Here are a couple more:

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