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How likely is it you will be full-time RVing in five years?

Over the past year, many things have changed. Including the way we travel, which, for us, means the way we RV. As full-timers, it may have been a very challenging, maybe very scary year for you as it was for many RVers.

If you had to guess, how likely is it that you will be full-timing in five years? Do you think you’ll absolutely be full-timing in 2026, five years from now, or do you think you’ll hang up the keys and perhaps buy a sticks-and-bricks home before then?

We know there is no way you can know for sure, so just give it your best guess.

After you vote in the poll, please leave a comment and tell us. Thanks!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.


  1. In 5 yrs. I will be 83 so I plan for at least another 10 yrs. of full-timing. I’m the sole caregiver for my wife and it is a lot easier in a motorhome; less walking, always in hearing range and everything I need very close by. Love this life.

  2. If it were just me, I’d absolutely continue to be full time. But hubby is several years older and isn’t the fan I am so I’ll be happy if we can continue even for just another year or two.

  3. Looking at guys 5 years older who full time, seeing how they drive and struggle, I don’t think I want that to be me.

  4. I’m considering full timing is 3/4 of the time out and about and the other time 1/4 at home location as now renting an apartment from our son at peanut cost. Giving up own brick and mortar. So we consider it full time. I don’t think we will ever be 100 percent until the great RV God calls for us.

  5. I expect us to still be living in the RV in 5 years. For the last 5+ years we have been more or less full time travelers, but this year we purchased an RV lot in a 55+ community in AZ. We plan to spend about 5 months using this as a base and doing monthly trips out to exercise the rig and to see more of the country down there. The other 7 months will be spent traveling further afield. If life takes a left turn, we plan to have space on our lot for a room that can be used year round and can also be used as a hospice space if necessary. I’m not looking for trouble, but if I plan for it nothing will be unmanageable.

  6. I believe we will live full time in our RV as long as possible. So much to love about it. Ability to follow good weather, easy to maintain, easy to clean, easy to move, comfortable, always meeting new friends and affordable. We have a 31 ft. 5th wheel, 3 slides. 2 standard poodles, Oregon in summer and Arizona in winter.
    Side trips coming and going. Turned 70 this year looking fotward to many more.

  7. We’ve been full-timers for 5.5 years. We talk about getting off the road but can’t decide where we’d like to be for 12 months. We don’t like winters in the north or summers in the south.


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