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Which of these RV owners meet your definition of a “full-time RVer”?

You might think the term “full-time RVer” means one thing, but it could mean something completely different to someone else. Or, when you see all the options below, you might realize it means many different things to you too.

When you think of a “full-time RVer” do you think of it as someone who lives in an RV year-round in an RV park? What about snowbirds who stay at two spots a year? Is it someone who lives full-time on private property? None of the above? All of the above?

We’re curious to hear your thoughts. On this poll, you can select all options that apply, so don’t hold back. Thanks for voting!


  1. I would think that being an RVer would be considered one who travels vs one who stays in place. I hope to stay in one place while traveling and visiting each site. A roaming gnome. If per say I wanted to see the mardi gras I would stay at a campsite and visit New Orleans. I guess it is a matter of opinion.

  2. I think think those chasing the weather around the country are true full time RVers. The longest would be the longer stints in warm climates in the winter months but then it’s off to the cooler for summer. Those living in an RV park permanently are homes like mobile homes just smaller. Those on the street are desperation by bad choices or just bad luck not by choice the latter I empathize.

  3. Really??? “RVers who travel all year, staying in many places” is considered a “full-time RVer” by only 39%? If that isn’t a full-time RVer, then nothing is.

  4. RVs are built and, IMO, intended to be traveled in. Some people – with sufficient funds &/or insufficient interest in working or volunteering – may simply travel hither & yon, staying some places, skirting others, enjoying the country. Others – out of necessity &/or personal commitment – will work for pay or volunteer (or both), staying for various lengths of time in one place then moving to another, perhaps following the seasons. That’s what my wife & I have been doing for ten years now… F/T in a 32’ motorhome, choosing our positions based on season or interest, our wish to support a state/federal/private entity, a need to replenish funds, to visit another corner of America, whatever moves us. We’ve made some regrettable choices but many more wonderful choices, and have made memories for a lifetime.

  5. To me living in a RV type home in one place does not make you a full time RVer. The term RV means recreation vehicle or recreational vehicle depending on what you to wanna say. If you use the vehicle for recreation it become a RV if you just live in it it just becomes your home.

    • Hate to tell you but…. our RV is our home and we still travel all year… so your definition just went out the window.

  6. IMO, the only definition that describes fulltime rving is #4. Most of the others describe people who happen to be living in an rv, but are treating it as a mobile home. That’s just mobile home living, but in a unit that happens to be a little easier to move if you want to or need to.
    To me, fulltiming means travelling around the country in your only home, to visit friends & family, or the National Parks, or seeking out remote natural wonders, or going to special events like Nascar races, concerts, political rallies, festivals, etc.. One of the main joys of fulltime rving is a certain level of spontaneity & flexibility & less long term planning & structure. We’ve spent most of the last 12 years going where we want when we want. Our motto on the back of our rv is ‘Chasin our dream fulltime’.


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