Saturday, July 24, 2021
Saturday, July 24, 2021

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RV Travel Newsletter Issue 1009

Welcome to, an RV-themed newsletter from the most-read consumer website about RVing in North America. We support a free press and believe it...

News for RVers #1009, Sunday edition

Welcome to the second half of summer, fellow RVers. Major League Baseball's All-Star Game is over, and that's a sure sign we're into the...

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Roadside Attractions: A strange, hidden landmark at a gas station

There’s a strange landmark in Huntington Beach, CA: a black granite tombstone at Springdale Street and Warner Avenue, in the bushes behind the ARCO...

RV Reviews

RV Review: 2022 Wolf Pack 27Pack10 Toy Hauler

I get a lot of requests for RV reviews. Some are for specific models, others are just for types of RVs. Today’s inspiration comes...

RV Preview: Italian B+ RV, Wingamm Oasi, coming to America

I have written in the past that I see the U.S. market for RVs as being very, very attractive to foreign manufacturers. While we...

RV review: 5 Mars Illusion Minivan Class B

Of all the categories of RVing, Class B RVs are the hottest with a rise in sales of more than 150% year over year....

Gizmos & Gadgets

Rad Power Bikes debuts new ebike model. And yes, it’s rad.

Aside from golf carts, one of the things I saw a lot on my recent road trip was electric bikes. So many people seem...

The glowing gadget with many uses. You’ll want it for your RV

One of my favorite things about camping is the ability to enjoy the outdoors – especially at night. I love looking up to see...

How to ask Google Maps, “Where are you taking me?”

by Chris Guld, We use Google Maps to navigate all of the time. Sometimes, I need to remind myself exactly where it is navigating...

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