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Humans not needed to operate this new fully automated RV park

A fully automated RV park has opened in Tifton, Georgia. The Stafford commercial real estate firm of Atlanta says that the 34-site facility is fully automated for reservations and check-in/out. RV travelers booking reservations at Tifton Overnight are issued a gate code to enter the facility.

Kirk Tullos, executive director of hospitality for Stafford, said, “The historical growth of the RV industry has led to an increase in demand for interstate-adjacent RV parks along major tourist routes—parks that are not only safe and secure but also fully automated and within walking distance of restaurants and shops.”

The park is just off Interstate 75 at exit 62. Tifton Overnight features paved RV sites from 48-100 feet long with full hook-ups, pull-through sites, a fenced dog park, and Wi-Fi. Close by is a Walmart Supercenter and restaurants, including Longhorn Steakhouse, Starbucks, Olive Garden, Waffle House, Wendy’s, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, and Panera Bread. A Hilton Garden Inn is adjacent to the park, and its restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner.

Run into trouble during your stay? No problems—there is a toll-free phone number to call.

The “fully automated” aspect of Tifton Overnight will be interesting to watch. Is this the future wave for major interstate route overnight RV accommodations?


Is a self-serve RV park coming alongside a highway near you?



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8 days ago

I get it – its a service available if you need it. Say you’re driving cross state and you just want to pull off to sleep. Easy in easy out. Seems preferable to Walmart- assuming they keep up with grounds on a daily basis.

Some may argue human at checkin is just one more friction point between you and sleep for the night.

I looked at website and only one slot booked this week so TBD if there is a market this….

Now at my destination? This is the last place I would want to go. At my destination I’d prefer to talk with hist and be somewhere more interesting with more privacy.

Dee Cogger
11 days ago

This HUMAN looks after the campground in Eatonia Saskatchewan Canada
Welcome all visitors fully serviced lots pool adjacent to campground showers/ bathroom cleaned twice daily by myself huge camp kitchen for get togethers
Rates $40 per night

Dee Cogger
11 days ago

When you have someone drunk and disorderly
When you have someone doing damage
When you have someone trying to get into your RV
Do you think a phone number is really going to help

Teresa Geraci
11 days ago

We stay in something similar in West Sullivan, Missouri.
Easy, safe, and meets our needs when traveling.

12 days ago

Why pay? Go to Walmart and stay for free.

13 days ago

Who the heck cleans the park?

Emily R
13 days ago

Nobody is going to stay in a concrete parking lot with no shade and almost no amenities, next to the highway, for $60/night.

Last edited 13 days ago by Emily R
Mlke N
13 days ago

It may be fully automated but who other than humans will pay to stay there ?????

12 days ago
Reply to  Mlke N

“who, other than humans” ??
how many zebras do you know that rv? orcas perhaps?

Diane McGovern
12 days ago
Reply to  Erik

Mike was being facetious, Erik, regarding the title of the article: “Humans not needed to operate this new fully automated RV park.” Have a good night. 😀 –Diane at

Shawn Realist
13 days ago

If everyone would stop using self check outs and human less rv parks and human less anything then we might not be in the situation our country and world is in. Stop doing there work for free and let them make even more money on you. You stop using that {bleeped} then they will have to hire humans again. Think about it. Come on people!!!!!

12 days ago
Reply to  Shawn Realist

ok, but then you will start whining about the costs, or “rude” hosts that do not pick up your trash…

Bob bitchen
13 days ago

Camping ? At a mall? I thought the purpose of camping was to get as far away from Walmart and McDonald’s as possible. Cook outside and sit by the fire and not be looking inside the RV next you.

Tina W
14 days ago

I like that they are right beside a Hilton Garden Inn, which I would translate as reasonably safe. I also love the idea and hope many more open all over the country. I would pay the same as any comparably located RV park. It appears to be cleaner than lower priced places. We’ll see if that continues. My only criticism is that they are way too close to the interstate. I guess somehow RVers got the reputation that we will not drive more than a few feet off the interstate? Maybe that was before Google?? The noise would be a deal-breaker for me, totally, unless there were zero other options. If they built another park 1-2 miles from the interstate, in a similarly safe location, we would probably make it a regular stop.

Last edited 14 days ago by Tina W
14 days ago

$63.50 for an overnight 😂😂😂 no thanks

14 days ago

Yay more jobs that doesn’t require human. Nothing like cutting even more jobs In a society that’s collapsing. I wouldn’t stay here if it was the

dewey proctor
14 days ago

Nothing like a wide variety of artery clogging eateries to choose from!

Ron Tiffin
15 days ago

I have stayed all over the US in many motor homes and IVE NEVER PAID more than 50 a night mostly 25-45. park at buckeys, loves Walmart or pull into a truck stop and pay nothing. Look at the history of this property and past uses do not drink the water…

Steven Malugin
14 days ago
Reply to  Ron Tiffin

Hey Ron truck stops are for truck driver’s when you park there you are taking away a spot from someone who needs it more.

14 days ago
Reply to  Steven Malugin

Steven, spot on. Thank you for the awareness to the RV’ing community about this social and very real problem. There are 3 if not 4 times as many RV campsites in the same vicinity as there are spots in truck stops.
The next time everyone is driving at night, check out how many spaces there are at the truck stops average (30 to 50 tops). Then be aware of how many truckers are sitting along the highway most likely because they did a drive through or tried to make a reservation and couldn’t.
Love’s even will ask RV’ers to leave if it’s a constant problem in their area and they don’t care what time at night it is. I’ve seen this in action. Just sayin.
Sincerely, a lady trucker who has needed that space.

12 days ago
Reply to  Steven Malugin

Not true, many truck stops have spots for RV’s only.

15 days ago

Sad that they list eight chain restaurants. Such a low opinion of RVers thinking we are looking for the blandness of chains rather than seeking out local, unique dining spots.

15 days ago

Sure. I guess the piles of left over garbage and dog poop will disappear on their own. No problems, because people always behave when there’s nobody supervising them Especially RV ‘ers

12 days ago
Reply to  Chazz

exactly so, and these problems have only increased these past few years.

8 days ago
Reply to  Erik

I cannot imagine being that callous to everyone else other than yourself as to leave messes and dog poop. that’s disgusting in my mind and heart. I would never teach my grandchildren that example and I tell you I keep in mind all of the possibilities before I even leave. I have 38 footer. I’m not going to just leave it or damage someone else’s property because I’m self-centered. I make sure all my bases are covered before I leave.

Dan F
15 days ago

Maybe spread its out a few and plant a few trees . I am sure it will do fine,myself I plan my route and stop overs at that price it wouldn’t factor in. The day I have to be concern having a gated entrance is the time I. Stop camping automated or not.

15 days ago

Fully automated except for the maintenance and grounds keeping. They’re just having you pay more for less labor. Whatever.

Pat Brown
15 days ago

We often overnight in Tifton on our way down to FL. There are at least 2 other RV parks right off the interstate available for $35/night. $67.70/night at the automated park is unreal.

14 days ago
Reply to  Pat Brown

Thus place is over priced for an overnight stop over with 0 amenities. They obviously don’t understand RVers. And a gate with a gate code won’t stop people from walking into the ground and possibly causing issues. Having people around us the biggest deterrent for crime. If one camper is parked there with other people or camphost, it leaves the camper vulnerable. At least with Walmart or truck stops or other campgrounds people are in and out and around or there is security for at least some protection.

Over $60 is insane. Especially because they aren’t providing you with anything but maybe $5 in electric and water and that’s being generous.

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