Friday, January 28, 2022


Inexpensive device stops dangerous RV propane leaks

As an RVer, the last thing you want is propane leaking into your RV’s living space. It can be deadly. Every year such leaks result in RV fires, and, sadly, the death of RVers who breathe the deadly gas, sometimes while sleeping.

The GasStop will prevent this. It’s an inexpensive device that attaches between the valve of your propane tank’s Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) and the RV regulator. It takes only a minute or so to install (no tools required).

With the GasStop, if the flow rate is above a certain level, then it will completely shut off any propane from escaping the tank. According to Eric Johnson of, it’s the only product on the market that does that.

The GasStop will not affect regular propane use. Johnson demonstrates the unique device and how it works in this six-minute video. The product is available at if you would like to buy one, or just learn more.

Propane safety made simple – Part 1
Propane safety made simple – Part 2



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Terri Garner
11 months ago

We won one of these from TechnoRV. However, we found that it was more of a problem for us in our daily use of propane. We had problems with the refrigerator on propane and also had difficulties when using the stove. Each time we had to disconnect the GasStop device in order to get those to work. Finally my husband just took it off. I wish we could use it but when it interferes with the usual and customary use of appliances, it had to come off.

Thomas D
11 months ago

When I blew a tire and it ripped off a 1/2″ black iron nipple on my fiver, the gas stopped . Completely. As i thought it would.

11 months ago

I’ve been using this device on both of my propane tanks since it came out!

No second guessing this device, It works!

Wayne C
11 months ago

It seems to me the leak trip point would have to exceed the normal flow of the furnace, stove, and all other normal simultaneous gas flows before shutting the system off or there will be continuous nuisance shutdowns. While GasStop provides a more positive shutoff than the OPD excess flow protection, the GasStop is still more of a catastrophic fail safe and would provide no protection for slow leaks. The gauge could be used to test for slow leaks by timing the bleed down rate.

Bob P
11 months ago

I thought modern LP bottles are built with this device built in, just another scheme to get your money. My wife just showed me a solar device consisting of 4 solar panels approximately 12” square that will save you 67% on your electric bill, I don’t think so.

Al K
11 months ago
Reply to  Bob P

Thought? There is a difference between saving you money and saving your life!

11 months ago
Reply to  Bob P

Bob, Did you watch the video? The video explains very clearly that the tanks do have a shutoff but it’s not a complete shutoff. Propane still gets through. Watch the video.