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GEICO has a couple of tips for preparing your RV for the winter

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For many RVers fall is when you store your RV until the warmer weather of spring rolls around. The insurance company GEICO has a couple of tips to keep in mind when winterizing your RV, reports AP News.

It’s been an exceptionally wet year for most of the East Coast, creating the perfect storm for a spectacular fall color fest. Cool temperatures and an array of colors are every camper’s delight. While there is plenty of time to enjoy a late fall trip, GEICO would like to remind campers to start thinking about RV maintenance and winterization now.

The most neglected area of your RV is the roof. Manufactures will recommend you clean your roof three to four times a year and inspect your seals every 30 to 45 days. Depending on where you park your RV, the sun could be baking and drying out your seals. A dry, cracked seal will eventually leak, and if ignored long enough it will cause severe damage to the interior of your unit. Additionally, take time to inspect and replace any vehicle fluids, check tires for wear and dry rot if applicable.

Preventive Maintenance

Winterizing your RV is a necessity if you live in states that freeze. Typically, the main concern is preparing your plumbing. Drain internal fluids and add antifreeze. Inspect the condition of the insulation around your pipes and replace if necessary. Preventive maintenance could save thousands of dollars in repairs if a pipe were to burst.

Check Vents

Make sure you block any vents or openings to prevent animals from nesting over the winter. Consider raising the unit on blocks. Leaving that much weight settled for an extended duration may lead to flat spots or a weakening of the tire.

If you pride yourself as a “do-it-yourselfer,” there are many guides and how-to lists that will help you prepare your RV or you can schedule an appointment and let the professionals handle it. Be sure to do it early, so you don’t put it off.


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