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Get your movies without WiFi buffer blues

By Dave Helgeson

Do you enjoy watching movies while away in your RV, but don’t want to use up your data plan streaming them over your mobile device? Then use Netflix General Delivery. Netflix will send DVDs general delivery to any post office of your choosing.

Here is how it works: Select a movie(s) online from the Netflix website via your smart phone or other Internet-enabled device, prioritize them in their queue and enter the mailing address for the current place you’re camping.

If the RV park doesn’t accept mail for registered guests, or you are in an unstaffed government campground or are boondocking, use General Delivery of the nearest post office. You can quickly find the closest post office and address on the USPS website. Due to numerous distribution centers across the country the movies typically arrive the very next day.

View the selected movies at your leisure. The period of time you keep them doesn’t matter as long as you don’t have more DVDs checked out at a time than your plan allows (plans allow up to four max). Reuse the same envelope they were delivered in to return them. Postage is prepaid — all you have to do is find a place to drop them in the mail, be it outgoing mail at an RV park or local post office.

The returned movies practically always arrive back at Netflix the following morning. Once received, you will receive an email from Netflix letting you know they’ve arrived back at the distribution center. Then the next batch of movies you have queued will be mailed at that time — in most cases the same day. You will receive an email notifying you that they have been mailed. When in doubt, you can always check their website to see the current status of your movie selections. It’s a fast and easy way to stay up on the latest movies while enjoying the RV lifestyle.



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