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Glamping vs. camping: RVs not in the picture

By Chuck Woodbury
From those knowledgeable about glamping, here is the ultimate insult to you and me, we who travel with RVs. It seems we do not exist in the world of glamping (and, in fact, camping as well), as you will see in the excerpt of the article below on the website All About Glamping. Its title is What is Glamping vs. Camping?

Here’s the article:

Did you notice that there is not a single word about recreational vehicles? How dare they!

If you ask me, I say that you and me, with our RVs, are a whole lot more comfortable than those “glampers” in their overpriced tents, treehouses and yurts, who need to haul stuff in, then haul it out and then haul it back to their homes. And, I ask you: Do they know who slept in their glamping bed the night before? I know who slept in mine — me. And I happen to know that I am 100% bug-free!

How dare these snobs ignore my way and your way of camping. They’re jealous — That’s what I think.

How about you?



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1 month ago

Chuck, the simplicity of this article smacks of AI. Remember, Rv or more rustic tent camping crowd would most likely be looked down upon by the glamping crowd who feel that a treehouse in the woods is roughing it. We still have all of the benefits of our own bed and mobile stuff w/o the ridiculous expense of a glamping experience. To each his / her own “outdoor” experience and how that $$ is spent, no matter how silly we as campers may think about it.

1 month ago

Was this article written by “Chatgbt”? Sounds like the one telling people to go fishing in Death Valley.
Don’t know if Jordan von Trapp was the writer but he seems to be taking credit for it here in the comments where the article says nothing about who or where this is.

Jordan von Trapp
1 month ago

Hi chuck, I’m the owner of Bliss Ridge Farm and you clearly didn’t look up our website – we are NOT a glampground — we are an organic farm and private events venue and have one, soon to be two, treehouses and you don’t have to haul anything in.

1 month ago

Well, Chuck, last week you said something about readers telling you that you are grumpy. I will use a different word: curmudgeon. And, I fit that label, also. My wife frequently tells me that I am doing more complaining lately, about things that either really don’t matter, or that I can’t change. This article is an example of Letters to the Editor I write, or when I write to “reporters” that don’t really report on a topic, but give their opinion, which is often nowhere close to following facts.

But, below, STEVE makes a point, possibly sarcastically, or directed at some of your readers, that doing a “glamping” outing is much less-expensive than buying an RV that may only be used once or twice a year. So true. You claimed to be a capitalist last week (I am also), so the glamping trend is just people trying to capitalize on the extra money many people seem to have. More power to them. They have their market, and we are in ours. Live and let live. Embrace diversity.

1 month ago

The definitions of campers, glampers, RVers, etc. keep changing, depending on who writes it. Same with calling an RV park a campground, big difference. Some folks call a 40 foot apartment on wheels a camper, which makes me chuckle. Some people would call my dinky teardrop trailer a camper or glamper. I don’t think it matters because everyone will never agree. I am a camper since a little kid in the 50s, my trailer is a trailer. I don’t need hookups and take a minimum of stuff and don’t think I’m a glamper. Glampers seem to haul lots of unnecessary stuff. I don’t drag along a computer or bottles of wine or piles of stuff to unload. My only important thing is my dog, and his stuff takes as much space as mine. Maybe some of the glampers feel a need to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak. Their kids can’t leave home without bicycles, scooters, televisions, and skateboards. I really don’t care what they do or call themselves if they don’t bother me.

Richard Chabrajez
1 month ago

Are these glamping enthusiasts the same generation who drink $5 Starbucks and think their student debt should be forgiven because they can’t afford it? Once the target market comes to realize they can no longer afford glamping and rent, many glamp resorts will devolve to section 8 housing.

Dennis G.
1 month ago

Sadly, money talks. Camping/Glamping providers (often big corporate) is looking for big returns investment. A yurt, tree house etcetera is hot and new. Which means they can charge big dollars for this hot/new experience.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Hmm, … I guess that RVing = glamping. RVing certainly is glamping relative to tent camping, regardless of the type of tent or the amenities associated with the tent. Ha! Have RV, will glamp (with apologies to Richard Boone, RIP).

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

I loved “Have Gun-Will Travel.” Thanks for the memories, Neal. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

1 month ago

I believe this glamping thing will be a short-lived fad…

Wayne C
1 month ago

I suspect the author (if not Johnny Robot) would lump RV’s in the Glamping category. According to surveys on this website the majority of RV owners prefer full hookups. With hookups a RV has every feature listed for Glamping except for bringing nearly everything with you. Im fairly certain most tent campers would consider RV accommodations Glamping.

Marie Beschen
1 month ago

Looks like we need to come up with a “new term” for us RV’ers, since we don’t fit either “Camper-or-Glamper”!

1 month ago

Glamping sounds like a great way to get out into nature and have all the high end ameneties without being saddled with a 20 year, $300,000 mortgage on a motorhome you only use a few times a year. Spending the nght in a high end motorhome should be considered as glamping too. It sure as heck isn’t “camping”.

1 month ago

Oh My Goodness. These yuppies these days and you probably can’t even rate them so. Spoiled and coddled till they can’t even handle life. Give them safe rooms and now coddle rooms in college, mom`s basement till they are 30 or older. Now see what you have. The ultimate in Glamping where they can be coddled away from home as much as at home. Survey I saw yesterday said they are reluctant to work in the office and want their freedom to do their own thing and expect to be paid. Where are we headed as a country?

1 month ago

Sounds like it was written by Johnny Robot

1 month ago
Reply to  Harold


Jesse Crouse
1 month ago

To be blunt, oops- new word is direct or even nasty- IMHO- honest- LAZY and “not the brightest bulb on the street” my fathers popular comment.

Bob p
1 month ago

Sounds to me like a new word for people traveling from hotel to hotel, McDonalds to McDonalds. Lol

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

Yeah Bob, and they can do all this while driving their Prius too.

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