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Good Sam Club CEO: “I hate motorhomes.”


lemonis763(Friday, Oct. 7, 2016) — Good Sam Club and Camping World CEO and Chairman Marcus Lemonis, on the day of Camping World’s IPO and its first day of trading, told CNBC he “hates motorhomes.”

“We don’t like motorhomes because they don’t turn as fast, they’re not high margin,” he said on Friday when talking about the future of Camping World. “We sell them, but they are not big for us. It’s really about selling warranties, insurance, roadside assistance, service, parts.”

Lemonis told CNBC that about 3.3 million RVers of an estimated 9 million in the United States, “have given us money in the last 24 months.”

With 11.4 million shares, Camping World’s initial public offering Friday raised $251 million. It’s trading on the New York Stock exchange as CWH.

Watch the interview.


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Madeintexas (@guest_2881)
7 years ago

I hope he enjoys his IPO. Unless service improves across the org he’ll be SOL in chapter 11.

Mike Terpstra (@guest_2850)
7 years ago

CW centers are.very inconsistent. I purchased my current RV at CW of Longmont, CO which turned out to be the worst experience I have ever had. The management at the time was not at all concerned about servicing the products that they sold. Fortunately, Mr. Lemonis did care and after receiving an email from me, he immediately contacted the Longmont CW and all of my warranty issues were handled quickly. Shouldn’t have had to go through all of this but, at least Mr. Lemonis handled my situation quickly.

While the Longmont store rated an F, I want to let people know that should they be in the NW and need service the Portland CW rates a solid A! We had an air conditioning unit fail while we were traveling in the Portland area and the CW center there was able to replace our AC unit in one day. What a relief, an RV service center that actually knows how to provide good service!

Sarah (@guest_2840)
7 years ago

its all about the money, but that attitude from CW is why we don’t buy from them or go to them for service. Sure miss Tom Johnson in NC. They had integrity!

Bill (@guest_2838)
7 years ago

I go to camping world all the time. Ask questions find what I want,then go to amazon and buy it.

Chris Bruno (@guest_2835)
7 years ago

I purchased an RV from Camping World last June. Should have walked out! RV is fine, no issues but what a horrible buying experience. I have never felt less cared about. I got the deal I wanted but will never go back.

Cherrie Richardson (@guest_2833)
7 years ago

I am a beginner RVer. I had a good experience with the Service department at the CW in Katy, Tx. He spent nearly 20 minutes on the phone with me , helping me figure out why my AC was not working. We walked through the breakers inside and where I was connected to at my brothers house. I couldn’t have asked for someone to assist me more. He got it working for me and I am sorry I couldn’t remember his name to thank him. ( But I didn’t buy my 2006 Forest River mh from CW. Got it on Craigslist and I love it. ) Thanks, Cherrie R.

gary (@guest_2817)
7 years ago

i just purchased a motorhome from cw not vary happy was never checked over lot of things wrong made it worse not better i guess it is a motorhome did not make money ha ha bad move by me thanks marcus

tw (@guest_2803)
7 years ago

Too bad no quality in what they sell anyway

Stephanie Rusch-Hall (@guest_2812)
7 years ago
Reply to  tw

I agree. They take your money then you’re screwed

Tom Goodson (@guest_2802)
7 years ago


I am so happy that I decided not to buy a Jayco Alante 26Y from Camping World of Albuquerque! I looked, but then decided to buy from a dealer in Michigan. Going to pick up the new unit on Monday, and Camping World will not have to worry about the aggravation of selling yet another motor home.

Dr4Film ----- Richard (@guest_2796)
7 years ago

After reading this article (link below) about Marcus Lemonis along his wife as to what they did to this person in Florida you would never have anything to do with them or their businesses EVER.

Ejpro (@guest_2795)
7 years ago

Always thought Marcus was open minded but now he hates motor homes! Not going to buy anything from him, there are to many other great places to shop for RV Motor home parts.

Mike (@guest_2793)
7 years ago

Just an FYI which I was not to happy about.

If you have a Class A Motor Home with a Freightliner Chasis and it is older then 2006, FreightLiner of Spokane will not provide any service on their product. No oil changes, minor chasis inspections, repair, or otherwise.
Totally disappointed in FreightLiner for this policy. If I ever purchase another Class A, a FreighterLiner chasis will not be a part of that purchase.

Carl W (@guest_2836)
7 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Understand that Freightliner is not the same as Freightliner Custom Chassis. FCC is a part of Daimler so is in the same family as Freightliner but is not the same company. Call Mike Cody at Freightliner Custom Chassis in Gaffney SC and share your experience with him. FCC the “Oasis” network of Freightliner Service Centers. Most Freightliner Service Centers cater to over the road trucks but the Oasis centers have RV trained Technicians and other amenities related to RVs in addition to OTR truck service.

Mike Ownby (@guest_2792)
7 years ago

Customer service I have found out the hard way is becoming a thing of the past. I have learned thru the “school of hard knocks” and out of pocket high costs that the almighty sale is priority with the providers and dealerships. The franchises are following suit also.
But, when you find a sales and service facility that is honest, professional, and backs up there products, stick with them if you can. It will cost you the least amount of dollars over the long run.
I have found two facilities in Wenatchee, WA that fit the bill for my needs. Well managed service department, honest, and fair to their customers. I live 100 miles away from these facilities and it worth every mile of it.
All Seasons RV and NC Machinery (Catepillar) take care of all my needs for our Class A 40″ MH.

Mr. Ed (@guest_2788)
7 years ago

My last 2 visits to a CW. I needed some Air Conditioner coolant R134A I think, for the dash AC, I looked all over CW and didn’t find any so I asked the service desk, I was told that they don’t sell R134A, yet right behind the service desk was a sign for AC service. Next I forgot to lower the TV antenna and a branch lowered it for me. I called the CW in New Hampshire to ask for help and the person was uncaring, told me a they were 2 weeks behind and would not help me. I’ve never been in a CW since.

2 Kiwis (@guest_2781)
7 years ago

Have to agree they have gone to the dogs, stopped in at Burlington WA last week. Had trouble getting the parts guy to put his cell phone down long enough to find me a door latch, he just told me that they don’t carry them anymore.
I knew I had purchased them there before so I spent another 15 minutes looking and found 2 tucked away on a corner shelf.
Proceeded to the checkout but none were open, waited five minutes then went back to the parts counter only to be told the checkout operator was off sick.
The same guy from parts took my money eventually.
I will not be going back, I will get way better service from Amazon.

Bill (@guest_2780)
7 years ago

I think Camping World is now a franchise operation, so a lot of CW stores are really the same old RV dealers in disguise – the good and the bad. In the Old Days, I don’t remember CW selling RVs, just parts and service and accessories, and they all had free overnight parking often with hookups for customers. Now they mostly are just dealers, some good, some bad, some you can’t even drive onto the lot in an RV because there isn’t room among all the units for sale, and Good Sam has gone from being primarily a camper’s club (and sometimes lobbying organization) to a profit center.

BRETT (@guest_2777)
7 years ago

In Marcus’s early years his intention and love of RVing was real, but as the greed for wealth and his idea happiness built, his heart and mind turned to the bottom dollar. I used to buy through Camping World exclusively but in the last few years, many of the CWs have failed in the service departments and increased their rates. Once again, it’s all about the bottom line, more money instead of customers service. I will not buy another RV from CW.

William Massicotte (@guest_2776)
7 years ago

I am surprised at this revelation of Lemonis.
I thought he was an RV-er! I am thinking of cancelling my subscription to Good Sam.
Is Trump affecting everybody? It looks like it is so.

B Johnson (@guest_2771)
7 years ago

I think he should kiss the a–of motorhome owners as I and many have helped make CW a lot of money. Marcus you are a dunce

Willard (@guest_2759)
7 years ago

I sometimes stop by for a Diet Pepsi, nothing else.

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