Good Sam membership closes in on two-million mark


By Chuck Woodbury

An article in the Motley Fool this week reported that membership in the Good Sam Club has grown to 1.92 million, an all-time high.

Traditional benefits to club members have almost vanished in recent years, with local chapters struggling to survive as their members grow old and die. The club’s popular rallies were discontinued a few years ago, replaced by occasional Super Sale-type events, where the focus is selling rather than education, entertainment and member interaction.

Member benefits today include discounts at Camping World stores and RV parks, which pay Camping World/Good Sam to display the Good Sam logo. Roadside Assistance, Extended Warranties, vehicle insurance and a host of other paid services are offered to members as well, most available elsewhere but positioned as member benefits by the company, where members were once called “marketing tools” by CEO Marcus Lemonis. — Chuck Woodbury

Are you a member of the Good Sam Club? Why did you join?



  1. Not sure why anyone believes getting a .05 discount on gas or .08 on diesel at one particular gas chain is a bargain. I get 5% back on all fuel purchases, anywhere when I use my credit card. That comes to about .13 – .15 a gallonI can stop anywhere and not have to deal with overpriced truck stops. GasBuddy is my friend, Good Sam, not at all. It is true I don’t get that cash back on my credit card until the end of the year but it’s nice to get a big, fat check out of the blue when it comes.

    Anyone who try’s to tell me they typicallyget better deals at CW than thru Amazon or eBay is living in La La Land and their opinion is opinion meaningless as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ve also discovered that the larger a flag a company displays out in front the more one has to “watch their back” and refuse to shop in any place that tries to push their so called patriotism or religious beliefs on me.

  2. Chuck, Love your site & newsletters, very informative. My wife & I are soon to be fulltimers. That said I have been doing my due diligence, going to a few RV shows and have done a lot of research lately. CW was one of the 1st places I checked out. I’m a big baseball fan and they advertise on MLB TV. Upon first review, I thought their prices were decent and GS seemed great. But after more research, I found that CWs RV/TT prices were higher than many others.
    Roadside & Insurance can easily be found for 1/2 of GS costs. That makes me doubt the people saying GS had better prices. They either didn’t really look or are CW shills. CG discount was a wash w/others. The gas discount was about the only redeeming feature, but only if available on your route. Saving $2.50 on 50 gals of gas is cool but if you gotta go 10 miles out of your way to find a PIlot J you’re losing money. Especially since they are not everywhere and as many have said you can often find similar/better prices in many nearby places. For me GS is no deal, plus to put it nicely Lemonis is very shady.

  3. While the meager discounts are nice, the only reason I’m still a member is because I bought my RV at Camping World and it came with a 3 year premium membership. No plans to renew.

  4. I use the gas discount quite a bit and it pays for the membership plus I don’t se it for my everyday vehicles she gas prices are the same all over. I live in pilot/flying j country, Tennessee. Discount at parks but I usually go with a military discount

  5. Originally we joined in the early 70’s for the discounts on overnight sites.and then after a bad experience with CAA rv roadside assist. We started Good Sam road side assis. as our rv’s were a used type and travel with small. children was unpredictable as our ranges excelled. I’m not renewing any products to do with Good Sam as the returns are not there anymore. Camping World will not ship to Canada with their FREE shipping but will take our money just the same. I keep on getting renewal notices for GoodSam with discounts for Camping World except they are not valid unless you are in the USA. WHAT A SCAM.

  6. OK, you asked why I joined (remember, past tense) so I answered. However I have not renewed in several years. I also won’t renew unless something I buy gives me more of a discount than the renewal of the membership.

  7. Back when I joined the Good Sam Club, it was a good organization for the good of the camping community. The magazine was informative and had helpful articles. Later I became a Lifetime member to save membership costs over the long run. Anymore the main benefit is the Fuel discount at Pilot/Flying J. They are a great place to stop to refresh and refuel (especially Flying J) and they normally have the same fuel prices (before discount) as the stations across the interstate.

  8. we joined for the campground discounts, their Travel Planning software, and also use the mail service which seems very reasonably priced. However we HATE the dozens of solicitations we get yearly for travel services and insurance, etc. Please save the paper and the postage! (Fortunately we can shred any mail before paying for forwarding. However that does not change the fact that GS is wasting tons of resources.)

  9. Joined just about five years ago for the RV park discounts and the discount at the CW store. But the last few years, CW stores have gone downhill and we shop there only as a place of last resort. The discount at RV parks is nothing special, either, since you can get the same discount other, more practical ways. When the next renewal notice comes, we will be dropping from the roster and peeling the sticker off the windshield.

  10. We are lifetime members of GS and joined years ago for the people aspect of meeting fellow campers. One thing that is still extremely helpful, which I don’t think anyone has commented on, is the list of state Standby Sams – members who have volunteered to help fellow members traveling to or through their state. When we were going to Vermont, I contacted several Standby Sams and they were unbelievably helpful with recommendations for RV friendly routes, what roads to avoid with an RV, camping and dining suggestions, attractions to not miss, and so on. Standby Sams are a hidden gem!

  11. When I retired in ’14, my co-workers, who knew my wife and I were going to be full timing, gave me a membership. We rarely shop at CW because I can usually find what I need somewhere else much cheaper. When we do shop there, I’m always told I can renew my membership for one year and get one free, plus, they give us enough merchandise and send me a $25 gift card that our last renewal cost a few cents. That, along with the fact that their “Trip Planner” app is the best one I’ve found so far, keeps me a member. If I ever meet anyone thinking about buying an RV, I caution them about buying at CW. If they do, I discuss the financing aspect with them…if they want to listen. That’s all!

  12. I joined Good Sam many years ago when it was still a great organization of and for RVers. I enjoyed the magazine. Then they switched to giving 4 issues a year of Trailer Life or Motorhome with a insert from Good Sam. I have not gotten any of those 4/yr issues since they switched even though I have called yearly to let them know. As with everything else they do, they promised the problem was fixed but still haven’t gotten any. The discount on diesel at Pilot/Flying J would be nice IF their diesel wasn’t so horribly overpriced. It usually runs $.15-20 less at any other gas station near by and, even with a 31′ 5vr, I can get into them without a problem if the pumps are parallel with the building or have good spacing and room to turn. 10% is not much of a discount at RV parks….. many also have PA, military, Escapees, or some other type of discount as well. Had Good Sam insurance with National General for years which seemed like a good deal until we had a minor accident and had a terrible time dealing with them. After they finally got around to paying, they raised the insurance $1000 a year. Camping World will never touch an RV I own again for service. They couldn’t even install a Fantastic fan without drilling a hole in the wrong place in my roof, screwing the trim in so tight that it broke the trim piece, and wiring it so the ceiling lights have to be on to use the fan. I have had good luck dealing with the roadside insurance when I had flats.

  13. I joined because, being interested in starting RVing, I knew as a teenager that my grandparents were members with their RV, and figured it would be a good place to start learning before I actually bought an RV. Sad to see their business practices, and I only consider the discounts as a reason to stay a memeber.

  14. We joined for the road service. We were in Kentucky with a flat tire on a Sunday. Good Sam could not get anyone out there until the next day. We called AAA and they had someone out there within an hour. Need I say more?

  15. I purchased a used motor home at Camping World one year ago (that is a whole other story, but in the end I am happy with my purchase) and received a free Premium Good Sam membership with the purchase. I don’t plan on renewing it.

    • So far, my experience with Pilot/Flying J is that their prices (diesel) are more expensive than others. Even with the $.08/gal reduction.

      • David C.

        I have found that, too. So as a member of Good Sam you get a little discount. Big deal, when a station down the street has a lower regular price with no membership to join to get it.

  16. Originally joined for the campground discount. I wasn’t renewing last year but had a free year given. Wonder if the free members are to keep the “customer’s numbers” up as a marketing ploy for investors. Don’t care for owner.

  17. Been a member for about 12 years, but I’ve been questioning the benefits of membership for the last year or so. I joined mainly for the insurance program, but for the last few years I’ve obtained the insurance directly from the Insurance Company rather than thru Good Sam. It saved me some money. I also thought I’d use the campground discount, but in 9 years of fulltiming, I’ve used it less than 10 times. We do a lot of boondocking & when we stay in a campground it’s usually a National Park, National Forest, county park or municipal park. I rarely shop at Camping World anymore. I buy most things on Amazon or eBay.

  18. I voted “other” because I use their travel itinerary to plan our camping trips but may let my current subscription expire and begin using RV Trip Wizard.

  19. We purchased our first travel trailer about 2 years ago. We purchased Good Sam for the Trip Planner and campground discounts. The few times we have been in stores, products are overpriced so we no longer shop there. Priced their roadside assistance and it not close to being competitive. Campground discounts have been good for us, not one issue so far. My one concern with the Trip Planner is that it is out of date or not accurate in regard to “low height warnings.” For example, at Lake Tahoe they have a low height warning they has not been “reality” for years; since they redid the tunnel Along Columbia River Gorge they also have a low height warning based upon the edge of the tunnel; we watched semi’s pass through there with ease.

  20. We joined over 20 years ago and subsequently became “Lifetime Members.” Good Sam used to be a great organization and it had excellent rallies, but it offers very little these days. I certainly would not encourage anyone to join – or to pay to get “discounts” at Camping World as you can get items cheaper on Amazon and many other sites.

  21. I use the campground discounts AND the member plans for insurance and roadside service and found them quite competitive in price and coverage provided.
    I also use the FlyingJ /Pilot 5c per gallon discount and the midweek propane fill deals.
    I also check “other” because I value their website…particularly the trip planner tool which is outstanding…but also for the 10-10-10 rating system for the parks and the newer on line park reviews from members. There’ s also no need for the magazine since I get emails and blogs on the site and to my email…you can’t click on a magazine to dive deeper!
    With all the things I LOVE about today’s Good Sam services I still would never do business with either Camping World Sales or Service. Over priced, under trained, pushy and not trustworthy. I’ve done occasional business in the stores for things I needed right away…but they are way overpriced even with the GS discount.
    Mixed bag for Marcus and the whole organization…but I certainly get my membership money back and more each year.

  22. Joined GS 40 years ago before Lemonis turned it into a marketing tool. Became a lifetime member and that is the only reason I am still a member. CW used to be a good place but now about 90% of the stores and services are horrible in quality of work and product pricing. I can beat their pricing 97% of the time even with the GS discount. Joined FMCA and enjoy better benefits. GS for Campground discounts and Pilot Flying J are the only things I enjoy. Roadside assistance has gone down hill, when my current subscription expires I will use FMCA program.

  23. We joined in 2007 so that we could enjoy fun times with a GS chapter and monthly camp-outs. Also the discounts. Although the Flying J/Pilot discount of 8 cents isn’t that great since I can usually find fuel much cheaper off the highway, especially with my Kroger card.
    Bought a lifetime membership before Lamonis took over. I can find stuff online or at nearby camping stores that are very competitive with CW.
    We have moved across country and are enjoying new friends in a new GS chapter.

  24. I joined for the CG discounts. Then I enjoyed the fuel discount. But I figured out a few years ago that using the Credit card that I have gives me a mile + for every dollar spent and we and or family love the air miles. I have found out that other memberships give discounts too. Beside I try to have some principles?! Besides going into Flying J or their counterpart to pay for my fuel allows me to get hot coffee and our daily USA paper, and road conditions from the truckers. (We travel about 9 to 10K a year. From Nov I to April). Stay pretty much at home during the summer.

  25. Joined years ago for the RV park discounts and the discount for Camping World. The last few years, Camping World has really gone down hill and I won’t shop there unless it’s the only supply store available and they have what I need, NOW. Unfortunately, what use to be a well-stocked RV supply store is no longer. The discount at RV parks is about the only reason we are still members. For that matter, Good Sam isn’t even in the same ballpark with Passport America…

  26. When I got my first RV in 2007, Camping World nearby was a great source for all those early purchases. Now a full-timer, the retail store or buying on line are no longer tenable price-wise. I am rarely near a Pilot/Flying J. After a bad experience with their Roadside Assistance last year, I dropped that [the only service they could provide for a tire-change was on the other side of the Rockies in Missoula and I was near Browning, MT]. The RV park discount is the only value remaining in membership.

    • We have found that RV parks that give a Good Sam discount also tend to give AAA discounts. We liked the Flying J discount, but like you, rarely went to one.

      After hearing about the owner, we decided to “vote with our dollars”. We’ve been just fine without the membership.

  27. I don’t remember when I joined Good Sam, but my first emblem was one of big red round patches that you put on the back of your rig. I joined to be part of the group and liked the idea of RVer helping each other in case of a problem. I became a charter life member when life memberships were introduced. I was using my RV for business travel, and the cost amortized well. I used the card fairly often for discounts in Good Sam parks, and really liked the old trip planner. I was really upset when it was replaced with the current one. We don’t use the card much anymore, we never buy anything from Camping World and our favorite park is not a Good Sam member. We also miss the magazine. So, if I was not a life member, I would certainly not join now. It’s not the good Good Sam club anymore.

  28. Chuck,

    Reading the comments, it looks like the primary GS benefit for many people, and certainly for me, is the Pilot/Flying J RVPlus charge card. I was hoping I could let GS lapse and keep the card, but one commenter said he did this, and his RVPlus card was no longer honored. In addition to the fuel discount, It’s a big deal for drivers of big rigs to be able to fuel up at truck pumps and use a charge card at the pumps, which usually don’t accept regular credit cards. Without the RVPlus card, you have to go inside, stand in line with the truck drivers, get your credit card authorized, go back out and fuel up, move your coach up so the driver waiting behind you can get to the pump, then go back inside and stand in line with the truck drivers again to finalize your transaction. I can’t believe other truck stop chains like Love’s and Travel America don’t offer a similar charge card, without having to go through GS. I know you have a lot of causes on your plate right now, but if you have any idea how to encourage this, many RVers would be grateful.

  29. I joined when we bought our first motorhome 25 years ago, I guess for the campground discounts. (Back then, CW had their own membership program if you wanted discounts there.) GS is not worth it for the CG discounts anymore, most any park that offers a GS discount will also offer it for AAA, AARP, etc., which I also belong to. To my mind the only worthwhile benefit now is the Pilot/Flying J fuel card; I think you still need to be a GS member to sign up for that. But once you have that, I’m wondering, can you not renew your GS and keep the Pilot/Flying J card?

  30. I found the fuel discount most useful, and only a few first night discounts as not many good sam’s in my path.

  31. I joined for the gas discounts. I run a spreadsheet and when the membership no longer pays for itself, I will cancel. I rarely ever go to CW. They do not have anything that I cannot get at a more reasonable price elsewhere.

  32. Hopefully, Good Sam will eventually take on a “AARP-TYPE” role… and responsibility to lobby for RV rights, safety, and other issues it’s status and size should rally for@

  33. I joined to get fuel and campground discounts. That’s it. Their roadside and RV repair service is an absolute joke. I do however, like their trip planner. Other than the two positives, Lemonis, CW, and GS can kiss my <$$.

  34. When we lived near a Camping World we joined for the discounts at the store. I have had a Good Sam membership now and then but it was offered to me for free. You don’t have to be a member to get their extended warranty or roadside assistance.

  35. It was a community at one time, but now??? We joined back in the 70’s , rv ing wasn’t what it is today. Had a lot of fun at rallies and samborees, but now … If They want to use me as a marketing tool!!! Than I will use them as my discount “tool” Because it ain’t what it used to be.Where are the people like Sue Bray when the organization really needs help. Marcus will fix it…..

  36. I’ve been a member since the 90s, and have been a full timer for the past 13 years. Back in the day, magazine and directory were useful, but over the years we’ve transitioned to digital products. We still use the GS campgrounds discount as it seems that GS parks are consistently of better quality than KOAs, and certainly more reasonable in their prices. We visit Camping World to view products, then order from Amazon Prime where prices are much cheaper and I can easily return if necessary. Personally, the corporate reputation of Lemonis and CW stink – I wouldn’t use any of their other products.

  37. We are the same as “Goldie” wrote:
    “We joined initially for the Camping World discounts but rarely shop there any longer. We became lifetime members in order to get the Pilot/Flying J RV Plus card that gives us .08/gallon off on diesel. We stay occasionally in parks offering.”

  38. We joined decades ago when we first started RVing. Back then Camping World was a separate entity and a good deal, but since Lemonis has taken over it no longer is. Roadside Assistance used to be a good deal as well, but since we got royally ripped off during our last need for them, we’ve cancelled everything having to do with GS. We moved to FMCA and discovered the >same< insurance costs significantly less, and the FMCA Roadside Assistance is nearly half what GS just jacked it up to for MHs. Whatever used to be good about GS has been whittled away and eventually destroyed by Lemonis.

  39. Years ago CW had the best selection and good prices for camping related items. Years ago…. We used to love browsing their stores to see all of the neat things no one else carried….at the time.
    My wife and I have owned RV’s for over 30 years. Last spring we decided to move on up to a Class A motor home. We shopped around and found the insurance and roadside assistance plans they offered to be reasonably and competitively priced. It was even better if you were a member – so I bought a lifetime membership with a veterans discount. Fast forward to exactly two months later and Marcus Lemonis comments that he’d prefer that people of my ilk not spend their money at his stores, so I decided to oblige him.. Yes, yes, I know he tried to (softly) backpedal those remarks, but it was too late – I’d already started the ball rolling. I moved my motor home insurance over to Safeco, my roadside assistance to CoachNet, and cancelled my two year subscription to Motor Home Magazine. If they’d have offered a refund on my lifetime membership, I’d have cancelled that too. I hope that Marcus is happy that his stores and services will no longer be sullied by this conservative American.

    • When Marcus Lemonis stated in front of the cameras that if you voted for or supported Trump you needed to take your business elsewhere, I happily obliged him. Not only did I not renew my personal Good Sam membership, but I also bought a Riverstone fifth wheel elsewhere in February, and have just finished refusing to renew our RV park as being a Good Sam park. I hope he enjoys his stupidity. I found it more than a little stupid.

  40. Good Sam or Greedy Sam? I like the fuel discounts and I’ve gotten a genuine 10% discount at some CG’s. I don’t like CW as much as I used to, especially once I learned of their predatory financing practices that u highlighted-would never buy an RV from them as I find their sales people similar to the old stereotypes of used car salesmen and generally don’t like their mass produced product lines.
    I find their services rather high priced and prefer AAA (discounted) membership. Don’t like all of GS heavy handed marketing. Do like reading Trailer Life. So a mixed bag for me, but I’m glad it works for some folks.

  41. Started with GS in the old days. Signed up for a Lifetime membership when I saw they were offering it to new members. Emailed Marcus Lemonis pointing out that why I could see that as a marketing tool to get new members, what about those of us who have been members for a long time. He agreed and I got the discounted price. We have their Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Medical Assistance & at one time their extended warranty plan. Had to use insurance once, it was nice speaking with an agent that understood MH issues. Have used the Roadside Assistance 5 times. 4 were great experiences, the last one just the other day, not so much. I did call in to give my disatisfaction. Used warranty plan a couple of times. One of their greatest benefits is their Flying J/Pilot fuel program. We were already using Flying J so this was wonderful. We have a diesel pusher with a 100 gal tank. We get 8 cents off the CASH price. Almost better than the $ is a while back they upgraded system for the truck lanes. You pump and go. No more going inside waiting in line to turn on pump/pay. What a time saver. Plus we aren’t taking up valuable time of the truckers. Payment is once a month using auto pay thru our bank account. Do not like Camping World. Use them rarely. Prices are on the high side. We have used the service dept. Had some good experiences. However, the store in San Martin, CA, only 30 minutes from us is absolutely the worse. Sad since it is so convenient. We drive 90 miles to Stockton to a Cat/Truck Service place for our service. Even had them install a new engine after 250K miles on the old one.

  42. We moved out of our stick-built home several years ago and became full-time travelers. We use Good Sam for the park discounts and for discounts on fuel and propane at Pilot/Flying J. When the fuel discount is added to cash-back from our credit card it amounts to quite a bit.

  43. CW in Myrtle Beach has been fantastic on both price and service for me for many years and my last 3 5ers. GS discount beats both PA and Escapees 99.9% of the time on stays of longer than a couple days and even then very often. Elite member 9 cents off diesel is great. SOME of their sale prices on stuff cannot be beat.
    A quick internet search beat Amazon prices 11 of 12 times including shipping if it was an add in. Everything from generator, compressor, to the $0.98 items $2.99 at Amazon. No $120 annual fee either. No one has beat the insurance cost either as I have them check their providers and I check some also annually.

  44. We joined initially for the Camping World discounts but rarely shop there any longer. We became lifetime members in order to get the Pilot/Flying J RV Plus card that gives us .08/gallon off on diesel. We stay occasionally in parks offering their discount but have had very good luck using their online trip planning tool. It could use a few more features but it’s the best we have found for getting all of the info on campgrounds and road planning in one place.

  45. I quit Good Sam shortly after Lemonis bought it….
    All Good Sam is now is a marketing tool to Rip Off RV’ers!
    I do everything I can to NOT support anything to do with Good Sam or Lemonis..
    That said I do like Good Sam’s on line Trip Planner and the printed Campground Guide. But I’ve managed to stay out of Camping World now for years…

  46. I joined because of the camping discount, but really the 5 cent off a gallon of gas at Pilot/Flying J is the best benefit.

    • That’s what I use it for. Came with my TT. They screwed up and gave me 15 years membership for free with the purchase. Gas discount is .05/gallon. Diesel is .08/gallon. It does add up.

  47. I joined Good Sam Club many years ago and became a lifetime member in 2007. I have had good experiences with their emergency roadside assistance. I’m not impressed with the RV park discounts, though, because some of them give the “discount” to everyone — which means that it’s not really a discount at all. I do appreciate the quality ratings of parks. I usually use mobile RV techs for repairs. I used to enjoy the magazine. I’m not happy with how the club has changed under Lemonis. The name “Good Sam” just doesn’t fit anymore.

  48. Good Sam was the first camping club I joined. I wanted to learn more about RV’s, etc. I had tent camped most of my life and was tired of stuffing everything into our station wagon every-time we went to a new place when we traveled across country. I still look for Good Sam parks for the discount.

  49. As a solo full timer from TX – I shopped before I bought a new RV —CW had best price & could be found around the USA, I wouldn’t have to shop on warranty acceptability. They are not perfect, but so far they have completed things in a timely manner – If I call ahead & discuss the problem they are better prepared for my arrival

  50. We are members of Good Sam for the campground discounts. After my husband combed over all the insurance programs and road side assistance programs, he decided that Good Sam was the best. Therefore, we got rid of AAA and another. We are members of FMCA and went to our first rally this July. It was awesome and well worth it. I highly recommend it now that they have opened it up to all “self contained” RVs. Remember, your travel trailer, 5th Wheel, etc are all “recreational vehicles”. Camping World is ridiculously over priced. We shop a lot on Amazon.

  51. I joined Good Sam more than 40 years ago. I don’t know how the discounts add up for RV sites, but having the gas discount at Flying J/Pilot still helps. I enjoyed their magazine as a newbie and later their Good Sam Road Assistance. Good Sam has come to our aid on numerous occasions as they cover all your vehicles including the ones your kids are driving at college. For us, Camping World has been a Godsend. Since we were military we moved a lot and many RV dealers will put you off on repairs unless you bought your RV from them. Camping World has always stepped up for us and have been lifesavers on the road in critical repairs usually getting us in within 24 hours. We use the Good Sam Travel Directory religiously when traveling, and consult them first in finding an RV site. Overall, we have been pleased with our Good Sam membership.

  52. I am an active member of Good Sam Club. The other reviews I just read were from people who are not active members. I belong to a local chapter and I have been on five campouts with my chapter already this year. My chapter has dinner meetings once a month and we stay to socialize and play games after the meetings. My chapter began forty years ago and is still active and growing, although I know that others are struggling to maintain their membership. I attend state rallies and always have a good time meeting up with old friends who live in other parts of the state. For me, belonging to Good Sam and participating in the activities is a way of life that I would not have without the Club.

  53. We travel 365 and their roadside assistance is the best for the least when we signed up. Will have to check out FMCA’s. We also save a few bucks at RV parks. We don’t use Camping World at all. Their products and RV’s are overpriced. We usually get what we want from Amazon. When we shop for an RV we do it online for what we want then look for the best deal. It will never be found at a Camping World.

  54. Way back in the seventies, I read Trailer Life cover to cover and Good Sam was an organization of campers helping campers not a marketing tool. We still belong for the campground discounts and our local chapter. I HATE Camping World for swallowing up our local, independent RV dealers. The first thing they do is fire all their experienced mechanics.

  55. We use their discounts at RV parks & Camping World, but best benefit is Auto,RV, & Home insurance. Cheapest rates we found, & when we totaled our car, they were fast, fair, & vary easy to deal with. We did use thier repair service with our last TT once, & won’t ever do that again, but the dealer for our MH is just as bad. Keep up your good work of calling out poor RV service industry wide.

  56. Good Sam membership comes along with our Coast-to-coast membership. I never use the Good Sam benefits. I just find their persistent marketing mailings annoying.

  57. I joined because I have a warranty through Good Sam and roadside assistance, and it entitles me to a $.05 per gallon discount on gas ar FlyingJ/Pilot truck stops.

  58. We have kept GS membership because we travel the entire country and often use the discount at campgrounds but we have also run into campgrounds out there that will quote you their rate and when you tell them you’re GS members the rate is the same so I question whether it’s still worth it anymore. So, in some cases the “discount” is questionable.

  59. Joined Good Sams several years ago when we bought our Class A – very new to glamping (!) and found it useful – discounts, local Good Sam club, State rallys – ‘window’ shop the store mostly. Do have Travel Assist, Roadside Assist – but luckily have never had to use them – knock on wood!! Only once used their service to put tow bar on rig – and they really didn’t know what they were talking about. Have been to several Camping Worlds across the country – some helpful, others not so much and bit more pricey than other places.

  60. We joined 20+ years ago and got a lifetime membership. We were gung-ho brand new RV’ers and thought the membership was a ‘requirement’ to become part of the RV’ing community. We proudly displayed our lifetime membership plaque on the back of our trailer. We even bought a few things at Camping World stores. There was actually a benefit to belonging back then.

    NO MORE!

    The only actual benefit we ever got was half off the price of admission to a huge rally in Phoenix several years ago. There’s nothing special about a Good Sam discount at RV parks. AAA, veterans, seniors, etc discounts are the same. Today I won’t step foot in a Camping World store. No deals there either, membership or not. I think newbies (like we were 20 years ago) are the source for current customers and business. They don’t know any better. I think brand new RV shoppers are mostly uninformed, wide-eyed, dreamers who buy the “Going RV” hoopla from the TV show. Good Sam clubs are dying off (literally!) due to the age of the members, and not being replaced by younger members (sort of like Family Motorcoach).

  61. I joined Camping World years ago for the discounts. however over time they have turned me off for overzealous marketing campaign, with poor service behind it. Their return policies are poor and I shop elsewhere whenever possible. I tried their Roadside Assistance program and one time I needed it they thought my Forest River motor home was a Subaru Forester! Then 3 hours later they show up and I already resolved my issue.
    The annual dues pay for the constant annoying junk mail, they push extended membership even when there’s a lot of time left. In their stores the level of RV knowledge is subpar.
    As a result, I will let my membership lapse unless there are drastic changes to Good Sam.

  62. Joined many years ago for discounts and rallies. We belong to coast to coast so good sam comes with it. The rallies are gone, the road side assistance is terrible, and most times the discounts are nothing. l would not join today.

  63. I originally joined in the 80’s to belong and to read the magazine about the great outdoors. I camped out of a Pinto Station with my son. We could pack everything in 4 boxes that had do-dad’s that I saw in the Camping World magazine. It was great fun to actually go to a store and walk the aisles looking for things I could hardly afford but I would convince myself that I couldn’t live without. I got a raise and bought a small Ford Ranger pickup, brand new. I looked diligently for a cabover camper to fit it’s 6 foot bed. I found one 100 miles away in a penny newspaper (no internet then). Over many years I improved my camper and truck with the help of Camping World parts. Some where along the line I became a life member. I convinced my new wife that we could afford a used Class A, 28 foot, Bounder. We were stylin! I now know about the real cost of rich man toys. I still really haven’t learned anything as I have acquired a runabout boat and a small electric car on a trailer to pull (separately) behind the Bounder. I have acquired my vehicle insurance through GoodSam as well as travel insurance, towing. I have great luck using all of them. I lost my refrigerator on Memorial day one year and had Camping World install it on the holiday even though this brand-new store hadn’t had its opening yet. That was good service. Call me Crazy but I like the “T.V.” Marcus Lemonis. I will never buy a new RV because of my age so I’ll know what a rip off CW might be. Enough said as I have many positive stories. I’m a sucker and a supporter. Happy Camping!

  64. Having Amazon Prime is many times better than GS. If I absolutely, positively have to have it now then I buy locally. No more advantages to having GS and lots of junk mail too.

  65. We bought for the discount. I thought the payback would be worth it. However, when we reserve a site from their book or go on line for Good Sam Parks, we tell them we are members. They tell us the discount is built-in to the price. These are published prices and must be available to everyone. So……

  66. I joined Good Sam, because it was Good Sam and I wanted to part of the RV experience. My brothers-in-law were members and I thought it would be a great way to RV, in that other Good Sam members would help if needed. I occasionally shop at Camping World and our last trip, hardly anyone was in the store. My membership will expire in 2019 and I will not renew it.

  67. I have continued Good Sam on a yearly basis, not lifetime member, for Camping World discounts, the extensive network of Good Sam campgrounds offering discounts and their “plan a trip” online trip feature . As we are full-time now with a fully equipped coach with very little extra room or need to buy, the camping world discounts are not as useful although it is still fun to window shop.
    I have had very good luck with their service departments across the country. Camping World in Florida made emergency repairs to our toilet and added a rock shield as we were passing through. Camping World in Rogers Mn did an exemplary job switching out our old huge TV for a flat screen, installing a WiFi ranger, satellite dish, awning and Cell booster. A Camping World somewhere in Missouri quickly shipped in new tires for us when we had a blowout, picked them up in the service managers personal pickup and led us to a place that would install for us.
    That doesn’t mean that I don’t do my homework first and make sure that particularly CW service department is good- reading reviews, calling ahead of time, talking to both service manager and a service tech if possible before we bring our rig in. Like all businesses, chain or private, some have great service, some not so much.
    I find the online planning tool extremely helpful in determining miles between stops, camp sites and going back to previous years trips.

  68. I joined the Good Sam Club years ago and am a life Member. It was for the road side assistance program and still have it today. I don’t deal with Camping World that much, only occasionally for a part when I am in the area of one of the stores. I have heard a few horror stories about purchase of RVs from Camping World so I don’t think I would ever purchase an RV from them.

  69. We purchased our class a from a camping World place in Charlotte NC. The good sams membership came with the camper. I can’t complain about discounts, but we’d probably get them anyway as being retired military. Overall we are not fans of the camping world company. We always try to look elsewhere first. Oh and our 1 year warranty service, that was a joke. I could write an entire book on how they messed us up, and made promises not kept. In the end 1.5 years later they did the warranty work on our extended plan. Costing us the deductible. Ugh!

  70. I join to get the discounts for RV parks and pilot gas. I agree on most of your post about what you write but for me I had a wonderful experience with camping world when I needed a warrantee experience and when I bought my travel trailer. This dealership might not be the norm but they bent over backwards for me. I financed the trailer for 7 years without any argument and then paid it off the next year with no prepayment penalty. This dealership is located in north canton in Ohio. Just thought you’d like to know not all camping worlds are terrible

  71. After writing a thoughtful response regarding the Good Sam Club and Camping World, my comment disappeared. So in brevity I will say look elsewhere. For example, Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is a great organization with $69 Roadside assistance vs $149 for motorhomes at Good Sam.. Travel Assist and the monthly Family RVing magazine are included in your membership. FMCA is not strictly for motorhomes anymore as travel trailers are now included. It’s worth checking out as far as my opinion is concerned.

    • Ed, your comment disappeared from something you wrote here? Or was it elsewhere? I don’t know why it would not have shown up here unless it was way out of line. That seldom happens with our readers, who are a very respectful bunch.

    • I agree with you Ed… We joined GS about 20 years ago for the road assistance and the insurance coverage and became Lifetime Members. But back then it WAS a community. We are FMCA members and love the free benefit of Travel Assist and they actually still have rallies!! Hubby and I are so glad FMCA opened is membership to all towable RV’s.

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