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Grizzly that visited Glacier NP campground wanders off, campground reopened

Attention wildlife watchers: If seeing a grizzly bear in the wild is on your bucket list, this is your chance. Glacier National Park, perched on Montana’s Continental Divide, announced that restrictions on tent camping in the Many Glacier Campground have been lifted. Hard-sided RVs were not affected.

The 150-pound grizzly that provoked the initial restrictions entered the Many Glacier Campground on June 29th, crossed a stream, entered a campsite, and compelled two campers to move away from a picnic table where they were cleaning two recently caught trout, reported KPAX.

One of the campers sprayed the bear with bear spray from a distance of 15 feet. The spray was unsuccessful in deterring the bear’s approach, and it proceeded to climb on top of the picnic table to pose for pictures, then consumed the fish. It also sniffed, pawed, and bit two nearby backpacks but was unable to find Snickers bars or peanut butter.

Rangers hazed the bear, encouraging it to move out of the campground, but prior to its departure, it dug into two fire pits, sniffed picnic tables, a tent and an RV with nervous visitors inside.

Despite an attempt at trapping the bear, the park has not captured it. Mr. Grizzly is likely to remember those easily caught fish and return at some point for another fish dinner. So if you want to see a grizzly bear up close, the Many Glacier Campground could be the place to be.


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