Tuesday, September 26, 2023


When hate enters the campground, I wonder who we’ve become

We were park hosts in an unbelievably beautiful and usually peaceful regional park in Arizona. One day, as we were returning to the park, the guards let us know to be aware of an “incident” that happened earlier that day.

A Hispanic woman with several young children was visiting the park, probably to hike one of our popular trails or take the kids to the playground. As she was leaving, a driver raced around her, cut her off, and blocked her car. He got out of his vehicle, approached her and her children and pointed his finger like a gun, and pulled “the trigger.” Needless to say, she was terrified.

Even if I try to ignore this as racially motivated, which is hard to do in this racially charged environment, particularly in Arizona, it leaves me to wonder what have we as people, as a nation, become?

The rhetoric, the hate, the viciousness, and most of all the division that we as one people, as one nation, have turned neighbor against neighbor, family against family, brother against sister.

It has invaded not just our streets, but it has invaded the place that I hold most dear, our campgrounds. I see it in the distrust and reserve our new “neighbors” have when we pull in. I see it in the hateful bumper stickers with unkind and vulgar words.

I’ve never thought of myself as an “old fogey”—where I’m constantly thinking of the past in a nostalgic haze. I love technology and I even like social media and cable channels! I’m glad to call Uber on an app, and find out the weather and driving directions on another app. But all that being said… I miss feeling safe picking up a hitchhiker. I don’t want to worry about where the exit is or where I am sitting at a movie theater, shopping mall, or at church. I don’t want to worry about my son working in a school. He would stand in front of any child to protect them.

I want to enjoy conversations without having to say, “Nope, I don’t talk politics at the campground,” to someone who is going down a rabbit hole that I don’t want to follow.

I am tired of being judged as too liberal, too conservative, too rich or too poor, too black, or too white.

I want a simpler, kinder time.

In the end, all I want is a couple of chairs around a campfire and to be able to invite that terrified Hispanic woman and her children to come sit and enjoy s’mores with us. I want her to know that here, in this park, she is safe.


Nanci Dixon
Nanci Dixon
Nanci Dixon has been a full-time RVer living “The Dream” for the last six years and an avid RVer for decades more! She works and travels across the country in a 40’ motorhome with her husband. Having been a professional food photographer for many years, she enjoys snapping photos of food, landscapes and an occasional person. They winter in Arizona and love boondocking in the desert. They also enjoy work camping in a regional park. Most of all, she loves to travel.


  1. Sadly this is nothing new, Hatred has been around since day 1. I think these last 6+ years has seen a political climate that has allowed & encouraged (IMO) us to bring the hatred in our hearts to the surface.

  2. Such a horrible incident! So sorry it happened, and all the more sorry that there currently is so much devisiveness. We are spending almost a week in Flagstaff at a large, often crowded KOA. We have been sight-seeing during much of each day, but thankfully have yet to see any open exhibitions of racism here. Hopefully none occur during the balance of our stay or at any time thereafter.

      • Thank you, Heather. I wasn’t sure how to put my thoughts into words, but you did it for me, and very succinctly. Have a good night. 🙂 –Diane

  3. unfortunately we have became all that you are dreading in your statement. the past two administrations have completely divided our country and all we can do is be the best we can be. in this instance and in every instance like it, we point out the hypocrisy and yes….make sure we comfort the victims. its all we can really do. Let God sort out the rest.

  4. Please continue to report on the state of hate in RV life. It is vital information to know where and how we can and cannot be safe in these troubling times. And like Janet, I too am glad I’m in the last years of my life with no children who will endure worse.

  5. You can run but you can’t hide. Campgrounds are simply reflecting the changing culture that is all around us. It is sad. I hate it. But all I can do is try to be a good example of the Golden Rule. (How many think today’s younger campers could even tell you what that is?)

  6. Well said. I could echo every single word and couldn’t agree more and have the very same thoughts and desires. I just don’t understand other humans these days. My husband says that these days the only good thing about getting old is that we won’t be around as this turns uglier. And we’re glad we don’t have kids to leave behind. Isn’t that sad. It seems all the talk that is supposed to help us be more accepting of each other, both our similarities and our differences, seems to be making the divide even bigger. It breaks my heart.

  7. I am sure you were aware of the social and political implications of this article, just like the one a while back , and how it would continue to divide your readers via the comments. This is your newsletter and I choose to read it for free, so understandably my comments won’t mean a lot to you, when I say please don’t continue to print these types of articles periodically.

    • Of course your comments mean a lot to us, Dave. Sending in a contribution would not make it any more important. We’re not that kind of people. (BTW – The vast majority of our readers [more than 90%] read our newsletters for free. We appreciate ALL of our readers.) We’re sorry that some of our articles cause discord among our readers, but, unfortunately, that’s just the way the world is today. Very sad. Among other things, we report the happenings, good or bad, in campgrounds, which this article is about. And the writer, a longtime camp host, has encountered similar instances in her personal life and in her camp hosting. If we hide these disturbing occurrences away, i.e., not report on them, they will continue to fester and multiply. If we discuss them, more kind and caring people will be made aware and, hopefully, the good guys will continue to prevail. Take care. 🙂 –Diane

    • Is it so dangerous to speak of this topic that you want to censor the content? Topics like this need to be talked about and brought into the light so that the guilty can be called out and the neutral players can be awakened to the problem. Behaviors like this are despicable and will harm the whole of society if allowed to continue. A last thought on this topic…if the offending party happens to be an average white guy, remember…we are becoming the minority in the US and you better behave yourself.

  8. Amen to that. I go camping to get away from that. If someone insists on talking politics, and I don’t want to hear it I leave. If they’re at my campsite, I go inside.

  9. Again, all those who discovered this way of life are responsible for touting its benefits. The influx of those with opposing political views is not going away. You are not going to live in a society where dissent is not part of the process, The challenge is to hear the words of the speaker, make a judgment and move away. IF you choose to engage in discussion, you are only going to increase the temperature and your efforts to diffuse the argument will only cause you stress. Neither party will convince the other he/she is wrong. Choose you battles.
    More importantly, do what you set out to do, enjoy nature, your loved ones, and PEACE.

  10. As usual, the comments on a subject like this go from thoughtful to obscure, even mean. I just want to add, that in the last 10 years, I have not seen such division in America in my entire life. It makes me very sad this would happen, in a campground no less. Not only as the writer suggests ‘who have we become?’ but also, where are we going? I hope and pray, every day, we don’t become worse and our nation is healed.

  11. Campgrounds be the public or private should be treated as political safe zones ie neither right nor left insignia or signs allowed. We are vulnerable because we don’t choose our neighbors. What if someone decides old people are responsible for this stage four cancer eating the vitals out of our country and takes matters into their own hands with an AK 47?

    All of us are at risk when people feel helpless and unable to meet their basic needs. We need to vote better more conciliatory candidates into office now.

  12. It seems that, especially since the pandemic, people have lost all sense of how to behave in public, things they should have learned in kindergarten are forgotten.

  13. Indeed this is a very sad story, especially with the children present. What I spend more time thinking about these days is what are our leaders really teaching not only children, but adults too. It should be that we are all Americans in a unique country that has a constitution that protects everybody’s rights. This is just not being emphasized enough or being “taught” by our leaders.

    • You’re right, Kenny. It is sad. Yes we have a great great constitution….unfortunately as you mentioned, it is “just not being emphasized enough or being taught by our leaders.” Instead, they’re trying to change it. As a former school teacher with many awards, it is hard for me to stomach what is going on in our country and schools. And I for one proudly display my 1960’s vintage bumper sticker that says, AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!
      P.S. and I love the Mexican people….

  14. 2 years ago i was sitting in my father in laws front room with my wife and his girlfriend. I was asked my political affiliation. i answered and since it was opposite his he looked at me like the devil had just appeared before his eyes. they tried engaging me and started to argue with my wife. i shut it all down with “i don’t talk politics or religion with family or friends. you’re not going to change my mind nor i yours. its just a good way to lose both”. they tried to get me to respond but i shut that down. then my wife started to argue and i shut that down. i camp with both in quartzsite every year. i notice politics are no longer discussed around the camp fire. i love my family, not a politician who lives 2000 miles away.

  15. Am I missing some details? Did this happen at a public or private facility? If private why was somebody not staying in the campground allowed to use the facilities that the registered campers are paying for?

  16. I live in Arizona and moved here from Northern California. Since I moved here I have never seen so much mean spirited people.

  17. After reading a number of comments on this, I am reminded of something that was passed on to me many years ago, my right of free speech, assembly, etc. ENDS where your rights begin. I am not to derail your pursuit of happiness, nor are you to get in the way of my joy of life. I will add, if your pursuit of happiness includes hatefully simulating a pistol and shooting someone else, you have gone past that line and indeed need to be called down and shown the error of your ways.

  18. Are things different than when I was a kid? YEP!, Could I live back in the ’50s?, YEP. HOWEVER, I have not personally run into people hollering, or whatever, at me, or even seen something REALLY stupid. Turn off the TV – they have all of us riled up and afraid.. We used to know only what was happening in our communities. Now we are made aware of every bad thing that happens around the entire world. We are made to believe that it is worse than it actually is around us – BUT it is not AROUND us, like they make us believe.

    • That’s right. Think about how many, let’s call them ‘incidents’, that one personally witnesses in their daily life. Then think about how many you have become aware of because they have been gathered and reported as news. Huge difference.
      Then there are those who make-up and/or exaggerate bad things happening, in order to manipulate, usually for political purposes (think social media).

      • I am in no way saying that people are not hurting when disaster strikes, but have you ever noticed?: A town floods and “is totally devastated” that every news network has their reporter standing in front of the same house, reporting on how bad things are in that town? They all had to find the one house, or the worst house to stand in front of. You can flip from one network to the other and see the same house, with different reporters. If there were true devastation I would think that the networks would be in different areas of town. Hype it up! Living in Florida, we’ve had people call us from out of state, because of what they have seen on TV, asking us if we survived the weather and there was nothing more than an afternoon thunderstorm, as far as we were concerned.

  19. Remember the good old days, about 6 years ago when no one on the planet would wear political garb? It’s about the most anti American thing you can do,

    • So wearing a hat or shirt that shows you support the president of one of the best countries to live in is “anti American”?
      With that (lack of) logic, it sounds like supporting politically active groups that burn buildings, targets our law enforcement officers, destroyed businesses and residential houses throughout many cities in America, and are openly supported by one side of our democratic parties is good?

      • Here we go. I’ll just say that the other side tried to overthrow our government because a sore loser, bully, and grifter wanted to stay in power, despite being overwhelmingly defeated in the safest and most verified election ever. There are so many more arguments I could make, and I’m sure you could too. So why not back off on wearing political billboards, lower the temperature, don’t fulfill Russia’s goal of dividing us, and things can gradually get better.

        • I couldn’t have said it better. It’s just an easy way to stir up trouble, which is what some people really want, or there wouldn’t be so much of it. I don’t comment on it when I see it, but it isn’t like I don’t immediately know where they stand. In the end, the only person/entity that wins is Russia, it sure isn’t us. United we stand, divided we fall.

    • Say that to my Obama/Biden, Bush/Quayle, Clinton/Gore, Ross Perot, Mondale/Ferraro, Vote Shirley Chisolm in ’72, Nixon. Now more than ever., JFK/LBJ, Black Power, and Free Huey t-shirts and I Like Ike button.

  20. I agree that things certainly seem strange these days, but statistically, we have much less violent crime than in the 90s, when violent crime peaked. I think that changes in the media have altered our perception and made us hyper aware. News is more sensationalistic these days compared with a more measured and balanced approach decades ago. And social media tends to fan the flames for views.
    People do on occasion grate against one another in public. I think some of this gets viewed through a racism lens that is just ordinary old hate. Some people are just on edge and hateful. Like the teens recently who beat a poor old man to death with a traffic cone. All parties were the same race. If they had been different, we may have perceived it as a hate crime. But statistically, most crime is perpetrated against a victim of the same race as the perpetrator.

    • Ummm Debbie, a number of long term RV people , like myself, are rightfully concerned with the increase in aggressive and improper behavior by a significant but still minority of RV campers who feel the need to broadcast their hostile and aggressive political and social beliefs with obnoxious signs and banners. Simply put it is simply bad manners and hostile and aggressive behavior. Most of us enjoy rving as a way to get away and enjoy our way of life. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not to blatantly express them in a way that intrudes on other folks. As Thumpers mother said in a Disney classic “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. 🙂

        • Those who proudly display offensive signs and political banners do it for the sole purpose of offending people. Which adult school teaches that?

          • Offensive signs, yes. But banning political bumper stickers or signs on your RV in an election year? That sounds like a violation of Free Speech, perhaps you haven’t heard of the First Amendment! Next you will oppose those that add religious or biblical messages, crosses, Stars of David, etc. C’mon, Jack!

  21. In a democracy we pride ourselves for our many freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of religious choice including freedom from religion. For a democracy to work, it is necessary for all peoples regardless of creed, color or national origin to be treated with equality and respect. Unfortunately there are political groups, both conservative and liberal, who are increasingly intolerant of each other. Sadly a large number of our citizens who represent the groups who lead the horrible assault on the seat of our nations government on January 6 have organized into armed hate groups of white supremacists and odd ball anti society reactionaries and mentally unstable individuals who are armed to the teeth and are eager to act out. Mass shootings which once were very rare are now all too commonplace. And some very well known political “leaders” have lead their most negative and unstable followers to act out in violent non democratic ways. We the people can change this. We must!

    • While it’s true that technology and culture change how crime manifests, I’m not sure life is more violent now. It’s been pretty violent throughout history. There were lots of bombings in the 20s: labor unrest and anarchists, random train tracks sabotaged killing people, etc. Violent suppression of unions, including deaths of union demonstrators in 20s and 30s. The Bath School massacre (explosives, not guns) in 1927 resulted in the deaths of 38 elementary school children and 6 adults, and injuries to 58. In the 60s we had Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower shooter who killed 17 and injured 3. In the 70s we had Brenda Spencer who killed 2 and wounded 9 others and lots of anarchy and bombings from revolutionary groups. In 84 the McDonald’s massacre in San Ysidro claimed 21 victims. Perhaps the nonstop media coverage of today just puts crime in our face more.

      • And my last post was removed, thanks. Someone can bring up accusations of white supremecists carrying guns on Jan 6, which didn’t happen btw, and MY comment gets removed?

        • I just looked in the Spam and Trash folders, MattD, and can’t find any comment of yours which was removed, by me or anyone else (there are several of us moderating comments). So please post it again if you want and we’ll see if it stays put this time. Sorry. –Diane

  22. The USA is on a hate trip. Forget politics. That issue cannot be discussed intellectually at this time. Race issues have gone backwards. I am in Arizona traveling the country in my RV. I am saddened at what I have experienced at campgrounds. It sickens me. The gossip is brutal. Shame on these people. What have we become.

  23. I feel sick at my stomach when we pull into our site and there are folks with ANY political flags etc out. It immediately puts me on edge. I wish more parks would ban any political signage.

    • I go to Quartzsite every year. There was a flag on an ATV parked at the Pit Stop with some rather obscene disparaging remarks about the president and anyone who voted for him. I see people flying confederate flags out in the BLM. And at a CA state park a guy was flying several flags, obviously advertising his dislike of the last election. I hate this. Leave it at home. When people are this brazen about their politics, I steer clear of them.

      • Right, We all now know who these people are, They’ve crawled out from their rock once they found out how many are just like them.

      • I completely agree.
        I’ve found stickers disparaging our current president plastered at random in one of our local parks. I remove them when I find them. These people just want to get in your face.
        If I were to find any stickers regarding the last president, I’d remove them too. Parks and the outdoors just are not the place for political messages, whether negative or positive, on public property or on the clothing of people in them.

    • I totaly agree. I wish people would learn to be adults and keep their politics and controversial opinions conservatively in their pockets, craniums or closets. This includes signs, banners, posters, or flags. We all have our opinions and priorities, but a vacation is time away from all that. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a campground, park or beach and it looks like an angry protest.

    • My parents winter in Quartzsite and enjoy it very much. They live in an area where their views are quite opposite of those around them. They are however their friends. On a visit one evening while sitting around the campfire with all, I noticed the American flag blowing in the breeze. What that represents matters to everyone in that group. Time to respect each other and what that flag means. Thing is some obviously don’t, but the vast majority do. Popcorn and somemores anyone?

  24. We like to say and maybe boast at times that we are free in this country. Freedom requires self-discipline! Read “New Man for our Time” By Elton Trueblood which talks about the state of the US in the late 60s.

  25. It’s a concerning world we live on today. We just got back from a two week European trip. Racial equality appears to be present, but religious and ethnic Prejudice exist. Growing cup in Miami Beach in the 60’s pre Cuban missile crisis, I went to school with a boy from Cuba. We became friends despite his skin color and religion. When I moved in 7th grade to NYC, it became obvious to me that there was prejudice everywhere. Looking forward to a time when one can be accepted for the person that they are, not the color of their skin, religion, ethnicity, or sexual and political beliefs!

    • Good luck Mike. I think we are dreaming for that day to come, but it seems we are on a complete reversal even further than where this country was just a few years ago. I am also from Miami.

      • Hi, Gabriella. That was me who edited Mike’s post. His autocorrect put in “pre Cuban ‘middle’ crisis,” and I corrected it to “missile” crisis. Yes, I do correct folks’ spelling occasionally so others can understand what they were trying to say. But I never change any words or their intent. Have a great day. 🙂 –Diane

          • Thanks, Gabriella. I honestly don’t change anything unless it’s an obvious and positively confusing typo, or the autocorrect put in something that I’m 100% sure was unintended by the commenter. Either they don’t notice what happened, or don’t know how to go in and change it. So I just fix what they would have if they could have. Take care. 😀 -Diane

          • Thanks Diane,
            I call it “Fat Finger Syndrome”. I wrote that while literally getting ready to go to a birthday party (late), and did not proof read. But in my defense, I do not like auto correct, I find that it sometimes creates more incorrect words than the writer intends!
            Thanks again.

          • You’re welcome, Mike. Yep, some of the words that end up in the comments are very amusing, or completely unrelated, and obviously not what was intended. Have a great day! 😀 –Diane

  26. Thank you for this article. It is right on point. When we pull into a campground, we are full-time, we look for the very things you bring up. What we see determines how we interact with other people. Some campgrounds have added to their rules, none of the offensive items, to any group are allowed. We can only hope and pray that some day we can camp “the way it use to be”. It takes everyone of us to make it happen.

  27. Well said Nanci. I am with you all the way and also wish for kinder times. I try very hard to be kind and considerate in every situation, place that I am in and find that in doing so kindness is returned in even unexpected ways.


  28. I am also saddened by the hateful political, banners, flags and stickers I see being displayed at campgrounds around the country. I have called corporate headquarters to complain and I leave ratings that reflect my disgust. The managers/owners need to know how offensive and unwelcoming these displays are so I let them know as soon as I pull out that I will not be returning. Occasionally I get a call back. If not, I submit an online review that alerts campers that it’s not a place I would recommend. Ratings matter. Easy to make a policy that simply states that political flags and banners are not allowed. If these hateful messages offend you…speak out.

    • So glad someone mentioned about these disgusting banners. When I return back to Quartzite this year I will NOT stay at a place that allows these low end political banners.
      I am sick of the filthy banners flying next to my RV. My guests were appalled. Thank you for mentioning this. I am sure there are others who feel the same.

  29. The person who harassed the woman and her children should face some type of harsh consequence for his ugly behavior. But without knowing his motivation, you can’t say it was hate. Sometimes people are just mean bullies triggered by some real or imagined situation. It doesn’t have to be racial hate, as implied.

    • My thought is it was all the kids, but of course we aren’t supposed to say that because…race, race, race.

      The moron who pretended to shoot the kids is a jerk, no two ways around it, but it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be about race. Sometimes people are just jerks. Maybe he was fed up with paying for campground space and time in nature only to always find himself living in a Chuck-E-Cheese or next to people with yapping little dogs who never shut up. Maybe people with kids need to have a section where their kids can run and scream to their hearts content and not wreck the experience for everybody else. Maybe people shouldn’t point at other people and pretend to shoot them. So many things to think about and discuss.

      Yes, it’s convenient to make everything about race, or to say it’s OK to hate people because of their race (including hating White people), but at the end of the day, sometimes it’s just about people who are fed up with never having any personal space, peace, or quiet.

  30. Well tho’t out comments Nanci. I am not sure this was racially motivated as you noted – reads more like a road rage incident – or something that happened in the campground between them. I guess we always have had and will have those cases of misunderstandings or inter-personal conflicts as humans. I think anyone over the age of 60 longs for those “good ole days”. On the other hand, I remember my dad saying how great his youth was compared to mine (He was born in 1900!). So it goes on. And YES I do long for those former neighborhood good times of the late 40’s and 50’s of my youth and even into the 60’s! (Except for Korea and Vietnam!!)

  31. Truly a sad incident. If the “driver/offender” was concerned that the woman and her children were “outsiders” who did not belong in the park, a better response would have been to gather information (make/model/color/ license plate number/picture etc). and get said information to the park office/management; ESPECIALLY if said “visitors” were “nosing around” other campsites (police refer to this as “shopping for proceeds”). Perhaps the “visitors” had permission to use park facilities (“hiking trails” are mentioned so, the public might have legal access to said facility). If not, the park management should be the one to proceed (confront the “visitors”, notify police etc). Unfortunately in today’s world, “common sense” is not at all common. There are LOTS of reasons for this; too many to go into here. If the woman WAS allowed to be using the facilities, I hope SHE notified park management and/or local police.

  32. The demise of our culture has been carefully crafted by our enemies, to take advantage of the welcoming, accepting, tolerant ideals we loved and trusted. It’s time to employ their tactics against them. Send Mr. Nice Guy on vacation and release the warriors(Non violent) to restore our “kinder times”.

  33. I remember my pastor telling us that the mid-1960s SCOTUS ruling against displaying the Ten Commandments in school would come back to haunt us. He gave this warning 40+ years ago. Thirty years ago, as a college professor, I told my students that we, as a society, were becoming more violent. Respect for human life, respect for our elders, respect for law enforcement and moral standards were all fading away. Common curtesy was becoming uncommon. Absentee fathers, video games that teach players how to set an ambush, which weapons to use to inflict the greatest casualties, giving extra points for greater carnage, car theft and even rape, as well as social media substituting for face-to-face human contact are contributing factors. Today, people are stressed even more – the pandemic, isolation, the high cost of fuel, food and housing have added fuel to the fire. This is not a permeant condition. It can all change for the better. Hold the door open for someone, say, “yes, sir” or “yes, ma’am”

    • (continued from above) even to those who are younger than you, show respect for our elders and law enforcement by saying , “Thank you” once in a while for their guidance. Treat women with respect. Show common courtesy to those you come in contact with even if you disagree with them – after all, common courtesy costs nothing to give and it might actually brighten their day a little. Given time, these minute acts can have a profound impact on a society. Give it a try. What could it hurt?

      • Amen Marty: You summed up a very serious situation in this country of today in a perfect reflection! I applaud your observations and comments. Seems to me a lot of this started with the Vietnam war at our dinner tables every nite, the ending of the draft and a kids first time away from home with discipline, and the 2008 election. Our country has been turned upside down in moral and common courtesy values – fundamental changes!

        As you so aptly noted – a little courtesy can go a long way – try it you might change the country by one more person who goes on to another etc..

      • Amen Marty. Right on.
        When I moved to Las Vegas I got a Concealed Carry Permit. Shootings or robberies almost every day, every where in the city. I wasn’t going to be a victim. Now, I don’t go camping anywhere I can’t carry my pistol (CA, OR, WA to name a few). I was angrily confronted for no reason by a man at a gas station in CA while I was pumping gas. I told him to get the F… away from me, and him left. Situation could have turned violent by him. He was bigger and younger than me. I was defenseless because I didn’t have my gun.

    • I was in school in the 1950s and early 1960s and never saw a copy of any version of the Ten Commandments displayed in the school. Religion was taught in churches not in school.

      Much of the current violence in this country is being pushed by the extreme religious.

      • It was posted in our classroom not as religious indoctrination but an example of how people should treat each other. The Golden Rule was also posted. I can remember asking my teacher, in 1963, why John Kennedy was killed if it was against the Ten Commandments. We, the students, were shocked and in disbelief. I wonder if that would be the same reaction today.

  34. Call me Pollyanna, but I have a difficult time with 2nd hand stories, gossip and hype. Yes, we live in a different world than our children and grandchildren. We have never been this alert while fulltiming, sometimes it is very frustrating. I want to walk in love,but my surroundings have been given priority . No more alone walks in the woods, a lot of what we used to do is a bygone. I have great hope and am hopeful that we can continue our traveling together with safety.

  35. Racism? Sounds like road rage but it was your gig. I do think Campgrounds have changed with more behavioral problems. We first hosted in 2015 and stopped in 2020. Seemed like more car campers, increase in theft and a few more abrasive/difficult campers. On our last night of hosting a drug fueled {bleeped} sped through the campground, damaging another rig and wrecking his in a ditch. That really ended our workcamp aspirations. My campfire has always been open to all and is a no judgement zone.

  36. In my 69 years on this planet I know “HATE” to come from EVERY ethnicity, continued selection of random hate events does nothing but propagate stereo types. We’ve camped all over the west and I’ve never had any “hate” issues. It’s even worse when it’s a 2nd hand story.
    I believe its best to Lead by example, not by pointing fingers.

    • Amen. Some of the comments to this article are almost as hateful as the incident described. Hate and abusiveness are not a one-sided issue. You are right on point.

  37. I agree whole heartily your story. That hate starts at the top though. People in general want the best for themselves and find possibly the country they live in a threat to their survival. Not all immigrants are murderers and rapists as described and that boils down to the everyday person. A change in attitude starts at the top so embrace change and share.

  38. How sad reading the comments and seeing people being political against certain people when this was all caused by politics! I’m glad I’m old and won’t be around much longer to see any more evil against others that are not like you and distruction of this beautiful earth😔

  39. We ALL need to go back and listen to “Just Americans” by Randy Sparks and the minstrels. It talks about how we were before September 11th and how we changed (sadly only for a short time) after the horror of 9/11. We need to get back to being that kind of country again.

  40. It’s so sad a mother and her children even had to experience this type of fear. People have been given permission, to themselves, to act like this. There has been something lost that we used to have. I remember not knowing what politics you believed in or who you voted for in an election. It wasn’t something you talked about. Now if I wear a mask even it can be taken differently in different places. Our children and grandchildren are being taught to respect their fellow human being, regardless of who they are, where they are from, what color they are. I have family members that are Asian, the harassment and threats they get are horrible, hateful and threatening. We can be so much better than this.

  41. It’s easy to focus on one individual’s shocking behavior as proof that the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. It has always existed and our instant access to world news makes it seem more common.

    • Hey Judy, my wife and I talk about that often, how one person can bring all that hate to the foreground! So sad. ☮️✌🏻

    • I agree!

      For every “bad act” that happens every day THOUSANDS of good acts are happening! Volunteers are unselfishly supporting their chosen charities. Someone is giving up a bus seat or holding open a door or just smiling to someone that looks down.

      The mass media and internet are hungry to most always focus on the tragedies of the day because that’s what draws curiosity and ratings. 29 1/2 minutes of horror followed by one 1/2 minute story of kindness when in fact it is grossly the other way around.

      If you think today’s world is violent and hateful, become a student of world or even just US history. You’ll soon realize that we live in relative peace and safety!

  42. What he did was totally uncalled for! What a jerk and I have a few other choice descriptions for him.
    This garbage is a direct result of the current state of politics! What ever happened to the “we can agree to disagree” way of thing?

  43. It is past time we start calling out the haters, the “woke” and other bigots. I see no problem in posting their name, picture along with the racial and bigoted ideas the proclaim….. of course we will probably find ourselves being cancelled by the bigoted and racial “woke” society.

  44. Please take your woke discussion elsewhere. When I grew up Hispanics were considered “white”. Somewhere along the line the politics of division (gee, I wonder which party) saw an opportunity for a voting block and hence the “brown” race was born.

    • Oh as an afterthought. Why would a “guard” stop you to tell you of an “incident”? Your story lacks credibility after that statement.

        • Sounded like a State Park that you do see Park Rangers hanging out. I have seen some have gate people that some call guards. Saying they were Camphost made me think State or National Park.

      • I can attest to the guards that she speaks of. It’s a county park, the “guards” are the gate attendants. So very hateful of you.

      • Because she was a CAMP HOST in that park, as am I in an Az. park and our rangers notify us of any problems.. so that’s why.

      • Why WOULDN’T a camp attendant (“guard,” host or otherwise) NOT warn you that there’s a crazy man running around making threatening gestures? I’ve been warned of all kinds of things when checking in – loud kids, a drunk {bleeped} who likes to wave a gun around, locals who cruise the campground at night. I appreciate such warnings because it helps me pick a campsite, or decide to leave.

    • I don’t know what part of the country you’re from, but in the Southeast, Hispanics have never been considered “white.” And with today’s rise in white supremacy, Hispanics will never be considered “white.” These people believe that the U.S. is some sort of promised land for white Northern Europeans only. “Brown” is just a blanket term that encompasses ALL peoples who are not of Northern European descent. (I am white, btw.) Minimizing our nation’s problems with racism only allows it to flourish unchallenged. We MUST acknowledge and stand up to it.

      • 1.”And with today’s rise in white supremacy” .
        That’s just not correct. There is no rise in ” white supremacy.
        2.”These people believe that the U.S. is some sort of promised land for white Northern Europeans only.” There was no mentioned of the alleged racist ethnicity and or country of origin.
        3. Constantly blathering on about skin color must end, it’s not the color of one’s skin, but the content of one’s character that matters.
        Just sayin

  45. Just finished a book titled HumanKind.
    Shows how we have a human tendency to think poorly of others if we are thinking of groups, but we think well of any and all who are in our group.
    Mathmatically it turns out that we should think well of at least 78% of everybody.

  46. Nanci,

    There is no excuse for racially motivated violence or discrimination, period. But there is nothing in your story about what sparked the ‘incident’ or that it was racially motivated. Why did you decide it was based on race hate? Maybe there is more to the story that you left out.

  47. When our political leaders set the tone that it’s ok to hate, we get what we have today. They blame the world’s problems on some group as a scapegoat, almost always without truth or evidence, and too many ignorantly jump on the bandwagon.

  48. I just had an incident driving to Erie, Pa with my travel trailer. I pulled into a gas station and there were two cars in front of me. One pumping gas and the other just sitting in the car. Went into the camper to shut the propane off. Heard a horn blow. A tractor trailer was in back of me. He needed more room to pull by me. Moved closer to the pickup in front of me. Tractor trailer was able to get around me. The guy in front of me went to ask the lady in front of him to move. He came back to his truck got in and barely was able to pill out. I pulled forward and barely had enough room to pump gas. Started to go inside to give attendent money for gas when the lady got out of her car talking on her phone. I mentioned it was ignorant talking on the phone 15 minutes in a line to get gas. She kept running her mouth. When I came out she still hadn’t started pumping gas. Just running her mouth. I pumped my gas, went in got my change. By than she finished pumping her gas. Than Left.

    • I just cannot believe the poor personal performance involved when people are on their cell phone. If accident investigation included cell phone in use, the actual cause of the accident or mishap might actually be determined.

  49. Thank goodness the majority of campers’ moral compass hasn’t changed. And as long as there is a moral majority we have a fighting chance to enjoy the freedoms this country provides.

  50. I’m afraid that morally our country is going in the wrong direction at a pace that won’t stop until its too late. I pray for my children and grandchildren because it’s going to be a rougher, tougher, world for them!


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