Friday, December 9, 2022


Help avoid water heater problems with tank rinser

It’s likely that you don’t think about your water heater much. As long as it turns on and you get hot water what’s to think about.

heater-rinser-737But ignoring this simple maintenance procedure may cause you problems down the road and even possibly premature failure and replacement.

Camco’s RV Water Heater Tank Rinser helps extend the life of your water heater. The rinser lifts sediment that collects at the bottom of your hot water heater and washes it out of your water heater tank. Practice this regularly and you will lengthen your water heater’s life.

Just hook a garden hose to the rinser and insert it into the water heater drain and watch the gunk flow out. The rinser has a shut off valve to easily control the flow.

You can find the Water Heater Tank Rinser on Amazon.

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