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Workamping? There are more ways to make money from it than you think…

Levi and Natalie Henley, of Henley’s Happy Trails, are experienced work campers who put pen to paper to tell others about their workamping experiences. The book, Seasonal Workamping for a Living: How We Did It, gives some background on the couple, who have been full-time RVing since 2014, and lays out the time commitment, duties and pay of a number of popular job types.

“We took a month off in March. Our park was just dead. We weren’t doing anything, so we said, ‘Let’s do it,’” says Natalie.

The book is divided into four parts: the Henleys’ story, workamping through the seasons, how to find a job and the application process, and a section on other thoughts. The book provides sample cover letters and resumes, discussions on contracts, a “day-in-the-life” of each job mentioned, and much more.

“There are other books that are out there about workamping. We were just trying to figure out how to write a different perspective on it. The book is based on how we did it so that’s the approach that we took. Every workamping experience is going to be different,” Natalie said.

The book was also sparked by an invitation to speak at the 2020 Workamper Rendezvous, which has since been cancelled.

“They told us a lot of people that speak make a decent amount by selling a book and we didn’t have one. So, we were laid off, basically, so we said, we have the time now so let’s write one,” Levi said.

The couple has other books in mind and if time allows, they say they will likely write another.

“The experience was simultaneously exhausting and fun at the same time,” Levi said.

Their timeline to finish the book in a month was the most exhausting part. As they wrote, an editor took completed sections to edit. “We were simultaneously writing six to eight hours a day, but we were also receiving back sections that were corrected. For a month it was a good 8-12 hours a day. We had a couple of 13-14 hours a day in there,” Levi said.

Natalie said writing the book opened their eyes to the possibility of remote work in the future. “We’re trying to push that a little bit more but still do seasonal workamping, but we’re trying to find more remote possibilities too.”

If you are thinking about workamping to fund your RV travels, check out Levi and Natalie’s book on Amazon. It’s an easy read packed with a lot of good information.



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Michael Greer
1 year ago

Thanks for putting in todays newsletter. I worked with Levi before he went full time and haven’t been able to reach him since. I am now a full time RVer. Hopefully I can meet up with him in the near future.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

A much more positive outlook than the other book mentioned in this newsletter.

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