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Secret storage? You have tons of it in your RV – just open that cabinet door!

Think you’ve run out of storage space in your RV? You haven’t! It’s right there! Available storage space, just waiting for your modification. Where, you ask? The backside of any cabinet door! Here, take a peek…


  • Use chalkboard paint on the inside of any cabinet door. You can use the resulting chalkboard for your grocery list, weekly menus, or your “go-to” place for other important notes. We use this space to note the name and address of our current campground. This information is critical for alerting ambulance or law enforcement to an emergency situation. The chalkboard allows us to easily change the information as we travel.
  • Super glue a clothespin to the backside of the sink cabinet door. Then use the clip to fasten rubber gloves or a fly swatter for quick and handy access.
  • While you have that super glue handy, use it to fasten a magazine storage holder to the inside of another kitchen cabinet. This can easily hold boxes of aluminum foil, wax paper, cling wrap, and other similar items where you use them most.
  • Small Command Hooks can hold individual measuring cups at the ready. Place the hooks inside a kitchen cabinet door, and be sure to use your measuring cups to figure placement. (Measuring cups must have a hole in the handle for this to work.)
  • Forget asking “Alexa.” Use a permanent marker to record measuring equivalents on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door.


  • Affix a self-adhesive magnet strip to the inside of your medicine cabinet door. Use it to store hairpins, nail clippers, fingernail files, tweezers, and more.
  • Use varying diameters of PVC pipe and end cap to make holders for your hairdryer, toothbrush, or other essentials. Measure the length of, say, your toothbrush handle. Cut the pipe an inch shorter than that length. Glue the cap to one end of the pipe. Then use Velcro self-stick strips to attach the pipe to the inside of the cabinet door.
  • Transform the small, false drawer front on the sink into a tilt-out storage compartment like this one. Use the space to hold toothpaste, combs, or other often-used items.

Living room

  • Keep keys and/or duplicate keys out of sight. Put small hooks on the inside of a cabinet door and hang the keys there.
  • Lost your TV remotes? Apply Velcro strips to the back side of each remote. Affix the partnering Velcro strip to the inside of a cabinet door. No more lost remotes!
  • Affix small, plastic desk accessory holders to the inside of the game cabinet door. Store playing cards, Yahtzee dice, and other game essentials inside the holder. Keep paper and pencils in the holder, too, so you’ll always be ready to keep score!


  • Put hooks inside your wardrobe closet door. Store scarves, belts, and other items there.
  • If space permits, affix small, plastic storage bins like these. Use them to hold lightweight undergarments in lieu of drawers. (Hint: Tightly roll underwear and fold-and-roll socks to take up less space.)
  • Use a hook on the inside cabinet door to hang a jewelry organizer. It’s much easier to see the earrings, etc., than when the organizer hangs inside the closet or wardrobe.


We used spray adhesive to attach the bottom of a plastic tissue holder to the inside basement door. Hubby puts a box of disposable gloves inside the tissue holder. Also inside that same door is a paper towel holder and a small container that holds hand sanitizer. Hubby uses a rubber band to keep the paper towels from unrolling as we travel down the road. Emptying tanks is easier than ever when you have all of the cleaning supplies right at hand. And it only takes a few minutes to mount the holder and containers if you use the spray adhesive.


Can you add some ideas to these? We’d love to see how you use the hidden storage on the back of your RV cabinets!



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Teresa White
3 months ago

Is there a way that you could add photos of what you did in the article instead of the Amazon links. Seeing how these are used is better than just showing the Amazon ad. Thanks

4 months ago

Thanks for all the good storage ideas.

No need to use a rubber band on a roll of paper towels or TP to stop it from unrolling. Just gently smoosh the roll so the center tube is no longer round

Jan Kuester
11 months ago

We visited the “Command store” in our favorite online shopping site and outfitted our under sink door with a plastic basket to hold our dish soap, etc. For sponges & scrubbies we likewise purchased adhesive holders meant expressly for that purpose. They include a drip tray to prevent messes. At the same website we were able to self adhesive (and very durably so) clear acrylic “boxes” to hold zip baggies and the like. Outfitting our full time RVing kitchen with these items has made life easier and proven the purchases to be very durable.

11 months ago

Wow – lots of great tips here. Thanks!

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