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Waterless engine coolant defends against boil-over and corrosion


Evans High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant, EC53001, is specifically designed for all modern, classic, and vintage gasoline engines, light-duty diesels, LP and CNG vehicles. Evans High Performance Coolant (HPC) defends against boil-over and corrosion while allowing the engine to continue producing its peak horsepower.

When converting an engine from a water-based coolant to HPC, great care should be given during the installation (conversion) process to ensure that all of the old water-based coolant and water is removed before installing HPC.

It is recommended that the system is flushed with Evans Prep Fluid prior to installing HPC. When the installation is complete, the water content of the coolant should be no more than 3 percent for optimum performance. Evans HPC coolant contains a bitterant. Evans coolant is proudly Made in the USA.


  • Has a boiling point of 375 degrees F and will not vaporize, eliminating boil-over and after-boil
  • Generates low vapor pressures, prevents coolant loss and reduces strain on cooling system components
  • Contains no water, effectively eliminating corrosion, liner and water pump cavitation erosion
  • Minimizes the potential for corrosion and electrolysis issues, and reduces maintenance costs
  • Eliminates pre-ignition and engine knock caused by overheating, improving combustion efficiency to deliver more power and improved fuel economy
  • Comes with funnel for easy pouring

You can find Evans Waterless Engine Coolant on Amazon.

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4 years ago

OK, the boiling point is really high. But no mention of freeze protection. I am sure most of us would like to see those numbers too.

4 years ago

Evans was touted several years ago for the commercial trucking sector. Some tried it. Most of those were at best, disappointed, at worse, regretted it. It all sounds good on paper and in controlled situations. Not so much out in the real world. I continue to use the red ELC coolant targeted toward heavy duty engines like Cat, Detroit, Cummins, Mack/Volvo, Navistar, and Paccar.. Have taken one engine over 1 million miles and my current one to 778,000 miles with nice clean coolant systems and no coolant related issues. Oh, and that is changing out the coolant at 500,000 miles. Even doing that, I am still dollars ahead of what Evans costs.

4 years ago

I see where this product has a boiling point of 375 degrees F. Regular coolant, I believe has, in a 60/40 anti-freeze to water mixture, with a 15 PSI rad cap, a boiling point of 258 degrees F. My 6.7L Ford has a main and secondary cooling system with capacities of 29.4 and 11.7 quarts respectively. This waterless coolant on Amazon is $45.52 per gallon. 29.4 + 11.7 = 41.1 quarts = 10 gallons thus my cost would be $452.20. Since I haven’t had a boil over since my 1957 Chevy was relatively new, I think I’ll pass on this item.

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