Tuesday, October 3, 2023


What do you think of this homebuilt RV?

We will all agree, right, that this RV did not come off a manufacturer’s production line? And we will all agree that it will almost certainly never will. Are we correct to say that? Our staff thinks so.

All right, then. Now that we are in agreement, here, from a mind-merge of our brilliant, creative RVtravel.com staff members, are some of our thoughts about this most unusual recreational vehicle:

• It is not aerodynamic.
• Its second floor would not survive a pass under most highway bridges.
• It would probably qualify as a truck camper. Or maybe a tiny house.
• Kids would probably love it, although there’s no room for them to travel in it in the cab on the road.
• It would likely not be welcomed at a luxury RV resort.
• The truck is small and does not have dual rear wheels, so it would not support much weight.
• Low branches would not be its friend.
• Gas stations with roofs over the pump would also not be its friend.
• Fast turns could be disasters due to top-heavy issues.
• The color combination, truck and house, is an artistic nightmare.
• The RV might have a future as an attraction at an RV show.
• The side mirrors look pretty wimpy.
• If it was built as a prototype for a future production model, then the designer was most likely delusional.
• If it was conceived by an ex-RV designer, then chances are excellent he was fired for incompetence.
• It would be a fun vehicle to take to a party.
• It might be challenging to remove dead bugs from the front after a long day’s drive.

Okay, now it’s your turn.
Leave a comment with your thoughts.


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodburyhttps://rvtravel.com
I'm the founder and publisher of RVtravel.com. I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.


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22 days ago

POS on POS chassis. BUT, if it works for him (her) so be it! And if they (or ANYONE else) stopped off at our campsite. I’d offer a beer and an invite to sit a spell!

Ian C
22 days ago

As a huge Toyota fan, please note that this was built on a Toyota chassis.

22 days ago

Looks like exercise in poor design, across the board.

Bluebird Bob
22 days ago

Good truck! LOL!

22 days ago

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

James LaGasse
23 days ago

A strong cross wind will be the end of that rig and possibly any passengers.

23 days ago

It would make a great tree house for the grand’s. Just paint the truck green and brown to resemble a tree!

Split Shaft
23 days ago

The camper’s design and engineering were developed using Artificial Intelligence.

Gene Bjerke
23 days ago

What’s your complaints? It’s a lovely little seashore cottage, and you can move it when you want a new view (or you get an extra high tide).

Thomas D
23 days ago

Builder never put on siding
It doesn’t line up until it gets to the Windows( five or six rows up) and won’t fit in my garage

Robert Cordy
23 days ago

Unsafe, anywhere, anytime!

Neal Davis
23 days ago

Well, it certainly demonstrates initiative, but, sadly, also a failure to consult the truck’s manual regarding cargo capacity. I am curious about the builder’s motivations in constructing the addition to the truck. Perhaps the truck no longer runs and the intent is that this is the permanent location. Alternately, perhaps it is a mobile playhouse when the grandchildren visit the farm and it is only moved from the garage/barn to the back yard. Certainly is a curious build. 🙂

George Pennington
23 days ago

I don’t want it on any road I’m on or going to be on!

23 days ago

Park it in the back yard and use it as a kids playhouse or a mother-in-law suite – especially if you don’t like her!

Neal Davis
23 days ago
Reply to  bugman

The first was also one of my thoughts, bugman.

Mike McCann
23 days ago

I noticed it’s right hand drive so HOPEFULLY we don’t have to worry about running across it here in North America!

Greg Sorenson
23 days ago

Looks like a hunting shack/deer stand to me. Probably never used over the road.

Randolph Bordner
23 days ago
Reply to  Greg Sorenson

My thought exactly; it would be a great deer stand. Could stay all night and in the morning have a nice upstairs shooting spot.

Bill Braniff
23 days ago

It looks like something the Clampetts might have designed before they found oil on their property.

23 days ago

It would have to be made out of balsa wood for that little truck to handle the weight.
Anything over 5mph would rip the roof off. Probably 40% of the weight is on the front wheels. With the front framework, it would not survive a speed bump.

23 days ago

Vehicle service would be a nightmare!

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