“Homeless” who live in RVs are not all the same


    By Emily Woodbury
    It’s a problem much of America is facing: skyrocketing housing costs, abruptly forcing people out of their homes. 

    Illegally parked RVs are showing up by the thousands parked along streets in neighborhoods across the country. Some of them, as seen in the video below, are occupied by mentally ill people and others with drug addictions. Laura Bliss, a Portland resident, explains that she too lives in an RV, but she’s not mentally ill or drug addicted, she just needs a home. She aims to “balance the narrative” and bring less hate towards the people forced to live in this situation. 

    Laura and her husband are college educated and work full time, but when rents went up a few years ago, they were forced to an abandoned RV lot, with nowhere else to go. 

    Watch the video below to hear Laura’s story. 


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    Carl Amos
    3 years ago

    If you have enough money to color your hair purple, obviously you have disposable income. I like pets and they can cost thousands of dollars. They are both collage educated and can’t make a budget. This Country needs more Personal Responsibility. There are plenty of jobs outside of Babylon (the city). Presidents Carter and Nixon got rid of the Mental Health Institutions because of abuses. These people have no where to go except the city. There is a whole subculture of Nomads living in RV’s and Vans. Some live happily on 500 dollars or less a month. The Government is not the answer.

    Tom Bender
    3 years ago

    Take the cap off of Social Security taxes and expand Social Security is one solution for retirees.

    Carl Amos
    3 years ago
    Reply to  Tom Bender

    Social Security is not a Retirement Plan. It was designed to be supplement to keep people from starving. It is each persons Responsibility to provide for their own retirement.

    3 years ago

    I really feel for those people. Phoenix is in a housing cost explosion too (example: where I currently live is somewhat run down and dirty. Rent has risen over $200 mo in 3 years to almost $1000 mo.) and being on disability I have considered having to live in an rv myself.
    Had one and then was given a 24 hr notice to remove it. I would have to live some distance away in the desert now. So now no rv. Where are these people expected to live?

    Ed Sessions
    3 years ago
    Reply to  J.R.

    It’s a terrible situation that’s only going to get worse. Each month it’s estimated that 65 thousand Boomers are retiring. And living longer. And so many will be stuck having to live in some kind of RV. Some place.

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Ed Sessions

    You are right,after seeing it first hand I have to say there is no real solution to this lack of affordable housing problem in America as greed has taken over in every aspect of housing,from real estate to rentals.Looks like the only real solution is for mass extinction of people.