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Honda debuts new Super Quiet EU Series portable generator

This is a lightly edited press release
Leading into the height of the 2022 summer vacation, recreational vehicle (RV) and outdoor recreation season, Honda Power Sports & Products is launching the all-new Honda EU3200i, the newest generator in the Honda Super Quiet EU Series lineup. The Honda EU3200i delivers more power and more convenience than the Honda EU3000i Handi generator and in a compact, portable package ideally suited for RV and outdoor adventures.

High power and convenience are the two key factors that set the Honda EU3200i apart, attributes designed to maximize the outdoor recreational experience. Honda has packed 3,200 watts of power into the all-new generator, a model that can start and run most modern RV rooftop 13,500 BTU air conditioners, plus lights and other RV appliances. In addition, the EU3200i offers a range of conveniences such as quick and easy two-step starting, remote smartphone control, exceptional fuel efficiency, long run times and a compact portable design, all making the generator ideally suited for RVing, outdoor adventures and tailgating, as well as DIY projects and home backup power.

More Power—and Even More Power

The Honda EU3200i provides 3,200 watts of power, a full 200 more watts than a Honda EU3000i Handi generator, and in a smaller, lighter, easy-to-maneuver package than generators in the same class. Further, users can double the available power by using an optional parallel kit linking a second EU3200i, boosting the total power to 6,400 watts with less space and weight and greater versatility than a single, high wattage generator.

Compact and lightweight

The Honda EU3200i offers a compact, lightweight design that makes the model both easy to maneuver and able to fit securely into RV storage compartments. At a compact 22.5 inches x 12.0 inches x 17.8 inches, the EU3200i has the smallest footprint of any model in the Honda 3000-watt generator class. Adding to the maneuverability, integrated upper and lower handles and a weight of 59.1 pounds make the generator easy to lift, move, and store. In addition, the easy start, no-choke design requires only a flip of a switch and a pull on the recoil rope to power the unit on, and the user can easily monitor operations through a smartphone or a quick glance at the control panel.

Built-in Bluetooth® connectivity, combined with the exclusive Honda My Generator Bluetooth® App, puts convenient, remote smartphone control in the palm of the user’s hand. The app lets the user monitor critical functions such as fuel level and power output, while the fuel-saving Honda Eco Throttle® allows the generator’s engine to adjust its speed automatically to produce only the power needed for the application in use. When it is time to turn in or pack up, users can remotely power off the generator with a simple press of a button on the app. For those who prefer a quick glance, LED indicators on the front panel of the generator also display fuel level, power output, the Honda Eco Throttle® function and a secure Bluetooth® connection. The Honda My Generator Bluetooth® App also can control multiple, compatible Honda generators, when linked in parallel, from a single mobile device.

The Honda EU3200i, equipped with a 1.2-gallon fuel tank, offers exceptional fuel efficiency, in part because of the Honda Eco Throttle®. Taking a look at run time per tankful, the generator can operate for as long as 3.3 hours at rated load and 8.6 hours at ¼ load. The Honda EU3200i also is packed with other features that provide comfortable operation and added user confidence. Among them is super quiet operation. The newest Super Quiet model operates at sound levels [54-58 dB(A)] as low as a conversation—a bonus to campers, tailgaters, and their neighbors who want to enjoy the sounds of nature or the audio of their choosing.

The muffler and spark arrestor are both certified under U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations to meet the standards for quiet, spark-free operation on public lands. What’s more, today’s consumers want to stay connected, even in the great outdoors, and sensitive electronic equipment demands clean electrical power and charging current. The Honda inverter technology integrated into the EU3200i provides power similar to that provided by a home outlet, meaning that the generator provides clean, stable power for electronics such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, and other sensitive devices.


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
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  1. But doesn’t the older Honda 3000iS produce a slightly lower 50-57 dB(A) sound level from a 23 foot distance? I thought the big deal is that the new model weighs less than half as much (58 vs 138 pounds). But wait, the 3000iS costs $1,000 more than the 3000iS. And by the way, the new 300iS does have remote bluetooth access via an app to show fuel and oil level as well as remote stopping, but it doesn’t have a starting since it’s a manual crank start.

  2. For those times when you may need 240 volts to run say, a well pump after a devastating storm, 2 of these in parallel will not get you 240 volts. You will have to go with a single unit capable . Trust me, we just had a storm where power was out a week. Although my EU 5000 is 3times heavier. It kept the hose going.

    • My ancient Champion 3500 generator (noisy, heavy, and non-eco) has a 240 volt setting. In a true emergency I don’t care about noise!

  3. I don’t boondock in hot places so most all of the time, the little EU1000 gets used. Only 30#, super quiet, burns very little gas. Runs the inverter, charges the batteries. Fill it at around 10 AM, let it run all day until it runs out of gas.

  4. Lots of competition out there…and far less expensive. I have two Hondas: EU1000 amd EU2200. Both nice units, But they do cost over 2x the cost of very similar gens today.
    And lots of people do seem to like those yellow ones, blue ones, etc….

    • List: $2999.00. Street price: $2599.00. Available late August. Even then, probably be hard to find for a while.

  5. Does it really matter when it still produces carbon monoxide? You just had a segment earlier on this post on “Uncle Sam ups pressure on portable generator manufacturers over carbon monoxide”. You did the same thing with “High gas prices hitting RV Industry more than it wants to admit” then turn around with “RV manufacturers set another shipment record in May”. You write one story and turn around and contradict it a few segments later.

    • I don’t think that they are contradictory. When the government gets involved, the right hand Nevers knows what the left hand is doing.

    • Carbon monoxide can kill you in inclosed area if you are not aware. Fairly often you here about such deaths – especially around natural disasters when people fire up the generators or fire for heat. So government might say require a sensor with alarm if over a certain level. Won’t debate merits of government here…

      Make sure you are not confusing that with carbon dioxide often the topic of conversation as to global warming.

      • Every aftermath of a hurricane, you will hear the stories of those who brought their shop generator into the house for power. Kills them every time.
        All gensets belong outside.


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