How much do you REALLY know about Independence Day? Take the quiz!


by Deanna Tolliver

It’s not all hot dogs and fireworks! There’s a lot of history involved, so if you’re a history buff, you’ll probably ace this quiz. If you’re not, you’ll learn some new facts to amaze your friends with at the Fourth of July barbecue. (Actually, there may be hot dogs involved in the quiz…..)  Questions will automatically advance after you answer unless there is a “Next” to click on.  Click below to start the quiz.  





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Thomas Jefferson took 17 days to write the Declaration of Independence, and the Second Continental Congress spent two days making some changes to the document.

your quiz has 2 days

Phil McCraken

7/10. Who knew. The hot dog questions got me.

Alan Wolfe

I had the same problem, no quiz showing up on my page. I turned off an “ad blocker” in my web browser, refreshed the page and the quiz now shows up.

Henry Hoyt


Y’all are missing a link for the 4th quiz. Big empty space below where it says to “click below …” becomes a circular path to frustration.