How to deal with unwanted noise


By Chuck Woodbury

In this day and age of RV parks with tightly packed campsites, unwanted noise can be irritating, or worse keep you awake at night.

Here are a few ways to get rid of unwanted noise or at least mask it.

•If the noise is from your neighbors, ask them politely to talk softer or turn down their music (or outdoor TV). If the noise is well beyond what should be acceptable, notify the park management or camp hosts.

If that fails, here are a few ways to mask unwanted noise:

•Close your windows if you don’t need them open. Or at least close them on the side of your RV where the sound is originating.

•Wear earplugs. This is probably best only at bedtime. Alas, some people don’t like anything in their ears, so this option won’t work for them. Wax earplugs that mold into your ear work best.

•In the summer, use your air conditioner to mask outdoor sounds. Other times, use its fan-only option. An overhead exhaust fan will also mask some noise.

•A portable fan can also provide white noise.

•If you enjoy sleeping to the sound of a TV or music, that can drown out other sounds. Wear earphones at night or even other times.

•There are many apps, some free, that work on your mobile phone to provide soothing sounds to mask noise. I have two on my iPhone —Sleep Pillow and Sleep Bug. Most free apps will include the sound of a pounding surf, gentle rain or a crackling fireplace. Pay a few dollars and get more exotic sounds. One night I overhead my neighbor’s app: it sounded like his RV was infested with crickets.

lectro-761White noise machines are available at big box stores and online. I use one from LectroFan that provides 20 different sound combinations, all based on either white noise or the sound of a fan. I’m a light sleeper: the sound from the machine has helped me sleep soundly many a noisy night.

If you have other methods of combating unwanted sound, please leave a comment. I’m sure there are many ways that I didn’t mention here.

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I’m in with Tommy Molnar “….biggest argument in favor of boon docking there is” on this one. We don’t have I-phone or do apps, we leave home to get rid of all the modern niceties’ that most folks have around to run their lives, so that isn’t an option for us. Boondocking, and carefully selecting Parks or campgrounds who police the ignorant, and inconsiderate is our MO. When that gets to be to much of a chore, I’ll be doing more BBQ’ing on the lovely deck at home. But just to add to the matter at hand, we have been using Solitudes tapes for many years, There’s dozens of them out there featuring everything from thunderstorms to paddlers on a lake with loons buzzing around. If and when the going gets tough and the inconsiderates bug us with their noise and rowdiness we turn on the Solitudes tape, have a good sleep and move on in the morning, – if the “problem” next door doesn’t.


I have used: for years and they are the absolute best over every other brand or style.


I originally started using “White Noise” on my phone for tinnitus, but it is wonderful for drowning out real noise as well. There is a free version, but spring for the Pro version. There are so many sound files available, with more released regularly, you are sure to find a long list of favorites! Add to that, the phone then doubles as a bedside clock (different number colors, different light intensity) you can’t go wrong! It has been softly putting me to sleep for years now.


We’ve used a Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner (on Amazon) for 3 years now and it works great for half the price of the Lectofan.


You can download an MP3 file from that masks unwanted noise and play it on a mobile device or on your RV sound system. The download is under $12 and they have a money back guarantee… so it’s risk free!

Tommy Molnar

This is the biggest argument in favor of boondocking there is.