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How to keep mice and other rodents out of your RV

Mice or other rodents can create more than just a mess in your RV. While some actually carry the fatal disease hantavirus, others can cause trouble by chewing on water lines or electrical wiring. Imagine the damage a rodent could cause if it chewed through a pressurized water line. Or worse, if it gnaws through a live wire that could cause a fire. What to do?

So-called legitimate sources suggest a variety of ways to repel rogue rodents. Says one, “Put Bounce dryer sheets in your cabinets and outside compartments.” Tell that idea to RVers who tried it and later learned that mice love to shred the dryer sheets for nests.

Another piece of useless advice: Install an “ultrasonic pest repeller” and send the critters scurrying before they even get inside. Once again, many college and university researchers respond: “Save your money: ultrasonic repellers don’t work.” The problem? The repelling systems don’t have enough power. The sound meant to run off rodents is not powerful enough to get around furniture, walls, cabinet doors, etc. It’s like driving down the road and being annoyed by a siren: just roll up the window. Rodents just re-route in your RV using objects to block the noise.

The tried-and-true method to keep rodent invaders at bay boils down to blocking their entry. Carefully inspect your RV for spaces where critters can enter. Tiny spaces where water, sewer or gas lines pass through walls and floors may provide a mouse easy access. Stuff any such crack (it doesn’t need to be big for a mouse to get through) with steel wool, then cover with sealant.



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