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How to make a living from your RV – wherever you are


Running a business out of an RV is becoming more commonplace, and the number of mobile entrepreneurs is growing.

Motivated by the desire to earn a decent living without being tethered to an office, more and more people are embracing the opportunities that advances in technology and communication can offer, writes Kayleigh Alexandra in RV Daily Report.

If you’re thinking of running an RV-based business from the road, here are some things to consider.

It’s the American RVer’s dream – traveling the country and making a living at the same time, whether selling goods or services. And thanks to the Internet, we now have the ability to sell pretty much anything, from anywhere, without the need for inventory.

If you choose to go down the e-commerce route, you can make use of web store builders and drop ship from an RV campground as easily as from a permanent home. It doesn’t matter where you are since the products are stored in a separate facility and delivered direct to the customer.

Working freelance from an RV is also perfect for creative professions like writing, web design, photography, music and video making. Read the entire article at RV Daily Report.

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