Monday, October 25, 2021


How to prevent your solar panels from being stolen

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Reports from around the sunny side of the nation show that theft of solar panels is on the increase. Some brazen thieves are marching into yards and removing the precious panels from sticks and bricks homes, but RV solar panels are attractive as well. If you’ve purchased a solar panel, you know they’re an expensive item. What can be done to keep your solar panels where they belong?

Tamper resistant screws are a possibility. Requiring a removal tool unlike any Phillips head or “star drive,” these unusual screw heads can confound the casual crook. However, many hardware stores are now carrying tools to remove even the “standard” uncommon screw.

At least one company is now offering custom tamper resistant nuts and bolts; with each order a custom designed bolt head and cone-shaped nut is sold to the customer — along with the corresponding installation and removal tool.

If it sounds a bit overboard, just consider how much your panels cost.

For more information on this line of security hardware, visit the Bryce Fastener website.


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